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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

War against Success

                    Barack Obama is either a complete idiot or an outright liar!  I do not believe that he is an idiot although he does make some idiotic statements.  I believe that he lies, and I find it impossible to believe anything that he says.  In fact, I believe that he lies so much that he has lost the ability to discern truth.  I know that some of you are saying, "He is a politician, and politicians lie."   This politician is a liar of a different source.  I do not believe everything that politicians say, but I know that I can believe some of the things they say.  I do not feel this way about Obama:  I truly believe that if his mouth is open, he is most likely lying!

                    Obama has told several lies about Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital experience, and his lies have been exposed.  In his effort to make Romney look bad, Obama waging war against success and using more lies to do so.  Obama recently said, "if you are successful, you cannot take credit for it" or something similar.  He says that any successful person owes his/her success to the government for building roads, etc.  The Heritage Foundation has an interesting article about this subject here.  

                    Obama fails to realize or at least say that the roads are built, military provided, etc. - all by the taxes collected from the people of the nation.  When approximately 50% of Americans are exempted from paying any income taxes because they are too "poor" to pay their fair share, we know that 100% of the taxes are being paid by "successful" Americans.  So we can thank the successful people for our roads, for our sidewalks, for the military that maintains our freedom, etc.

                    Another lie being told by Democrats is that "corporations are not people."  This is absolute nonsense!  When my husband wanted to open a business as a spotter pilot for fishermen, our attorney advised us to incorporate in order to keep our personal assets (such as our home) separate from the business - just in case something happened.  My husband and I own the Supercub airplane used in the corporation, but it is legally owned by the corporation.   All business is kept completely separate - separate bank accounts, separate taxes, etc.  Yet we are the corporation even though we have no employees!

                    My husband was also successful as an electrical engineering consultant.  This business was not incorporated because doing the business did not involve the same dangers and the actual work was covered by insurance.

                    My husband was successful as a fish spotting pilot because he used all his vacation time from his regular job to spot fish.  The only people who helped him to be successful were the fishing industry and our family.  He was successful as an engineering consultant because he worked eighty-hour weeks and lived a life of stress.  No one else - not even his family - was making that kind of sacrifice for him to be successful!

                    The lies being told about successful people and corporations are all an attempt to make Mitt Romney look bad because he is/was a successful businessman.  The clown in the White House has never been successful in any way and cannot run on his record.  He has nothing to campaign on so he runs on an attempt to destroy his rival - a successful businessman, governor, Olympics, family man, etc.  I hope that my fellow Americans will open their eyes wide enough to recognize what Obama is doing to our nation.  We must get him out of the White House before he completely destroys the United States!  

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