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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ann Romney

                    The GOP Convention took place last week in Tampa, Florida, and Mitt Romney is now the official Republican nominee for the office of President of the United States.  I listened to many of the speeches and liked most of them.  I particularly enjoyed the speech given by Ann Romney on Wednesday, August 29, 2012.   

            I do not know Mitt and Ann Romney personally.  I do not travel in the circles of the rich and famous or in the circles of leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (often known as Mormons); however, I understand Ann's thoughts about her husband, children, grandchildren, and America.  I consider that her thoughts were "spot on!"

                    "I'm not sure if men really understand this, but I don't think there's a woman in America who really expects here life to be easy.  In our own ways, we all know better!
                    "And that's fine.  We don't want easy.  But these last few years have been harder than they needed to be.  It's all the little things - that price at the pump you just can't believe, the grocery bills that just get bigger; all those things that used to be free, like school sports, are now one more bill to pay.  It's all the little things that pile up to become big things.  And the big things - the good jobs, the chance at college, that home you want to buy, just get harder.  Everything has become harder.
                    "We're too smart to know there aren't easy answers.  But we're not dumb enough to accept that there aren't better answers."

                    I appreciated knowing more about how Mitt and Ann met and what they were like as young adults.  I like to hear a man or a woman express love for his or her spouse, children, and grandchildren.  I am grateful for Ann's expression of love and trust in her husband. 

                    After describing how she met Mitt at a high school dance, she continued, "That was 42 years ago.  Now we have five sons and 18 grandchildren and I'm still in love with that boy I met at a high school dance.
                    "I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a `storybook marriage.'  Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, long, rainy winter afternoons in a house with five boys screaming at once.  And those storybooks never seemed to have chapters called MS or breast cancer.
                    "A storybook marriage?  No, not at all.  What Mitt Romney and I have is a real marriage.

                    "I know this good and decent man for what he is - warm and loving and patient…."
                    "You may not agree with Mitt's positions on issues or his politics…. 
                    "But let me say this to every American who is thinking about who should be our next president:
                    "No one will work harder.  No one will care more.  No one will move heaven and earth like Mitt Romney to make this country a better place to live!  …
                    "This is the man America needs.

                    "This is the man who will wake up every day with the determination to solve the problems that others say can't be solved, to fix what others say is beyond repair.  This is the man who will work harder than anyone so that we can work a little less hard.
                    "I can't tell you what will happen over the next four years.  But I can only stand here tonight, as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an American, and make you this solemn commitment:
                    "This man will not fail.
                    "This man will not let us down.
                    "This man will lift America!  …
                    "You can trust Mitt.
                    "He loves America.  He will take us to a better place….  Give him that chance.  Give America that chance.
                    "God bless each of you and God Bless the United States of America."

                    This speech by Ann Romney was much easier on my spirit than when I heard Michelle Obama say that she had never been proud to be an America until her husband was elected as the President of the United StatesAmerica needs Mitt Romney, but we also need Ann Romney by his side.  I supported Mitt before I heard Ann speak, but I will give him even more support now.  Romney for President!

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