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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Does US Stand with Israel

                    There is some question in my mind about whether the Obama Administration stands with Israel - the only democratic government in the Middle East and good friend to the United States.  Barack Obama has not visited Israel at all since he became the President of the United States, but he did find time to make a tour of apologies to several Arab countries.  He has also sided with the Palestinians and against Israel on several different occasions.  During the 2012 Democratic National Convention there was a big problem about whether or not that party should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

The problems between the United States and Israel have broken out into the open lately.  Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, requested a meeting with Obama while he was in the US for the UN General Assembly, but the White House refused.  Obama's excuse was that the two men would not be in New York City on the same day, but Israeli sources say that Netanyahu offered to meet with Obama in Washington.

Netanyahu apparently wanted to discuss recent US statements about Iran with Obama privately, but he openly criticized them after the private meeting was refused.  Netanyahu criticized Washington's refusal to draw a line in the sand - a "red line" - a point that would trigger US military action if Iran crossed the line.

                    Netanyahu warned the world about Iran moving ever closer to having a nuclear bomb.  Netanyahu said at a press conference, "The world tells Israel:  `Wait.  There's still time.'  And I say:  `Wait for what?  Wait until when?'  Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."  

                    There may be a political reason for the increasingly open feud.  Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, and Mr. Netanyahu are old friends, and Romney visited Israel a few weeks ago.  With their support for Israel and their position with Iran, Republicans are hoping to draw Jewish voters to vote for Romney, particularly in key states like Florida and Ohio.

                    Romney has consistently criticized Obama for his soft touch with Iran and suggested there should be a hard line on Tehran's nuclear intentions.  Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stated that the US would not set deadlines for negotiations with the Iranian government.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta indicated that he felt no need to set "red lines" because the US would have at least a year to make a decision after Tehran decided to make a nuclear weapon.  "We know generally what they're up to, and so we keep a close track on them.  We think we will have the opportunity once we know that they've made that decision [to] take the action necessary to stop [Iran]."  

                    The apparent problem causing disagreement between the US and Israel is on their perception of the threat.  Israel is watching Iran's capability to make a nuclear weapon while the US is focused on whether or not there will be an actual weapon.  The Obama Administration does not want to use the military route against Iran and prefers to give the UN sanctions more time to force Tehran to give up its nuclear intentions. 

                    So the question remains:  Does the US stand with Israel while Obama is President?  I do not think so.  I can easily understand why Israel is concerned about Iran having nuclear abilities because Iran has consistently stated that Israel should be destroyed.  I believe the US should at least show Iran and the world that Israel is our friend and we will be on the Israeli side of any war.  I believe that a Romney Administration would be acting much more positively with Israel.  I firmly believe that the US must stand with IsraelIsrael is God's covenant people, and any nation that fights against Israel will lose.  Israel has won every war forced upon it in the past sixty years.  Israel wins because God is with them; even the most powerful military in the world cannot win a war against God!

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