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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Effects of Government Shutdown

                The federal government shutdown is now a week old.  Since only 83 percent of the government remained open, the Obama Administration played some games about which part of the government was shut down in an effort to show some toughness with the American people.  The National Park Service is using more manpower and government funds to close streets, parking lots, monuments, etc. than the same would cost if they were not closed.  An angry ranger with the Park Service in Washington said, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.  It’s disgusting.”

                While Barack Obama continues to enjoy his White House chefs, Camp David, and a military golf course while at the same time closing commissaries on military bases and causing as much “pain” as possible with the American people.  John Nolte at Breitbart News made the following list of the government closures. 1) Treatments for children suffering from cancer; 2) The World War II Memorial; 3) Furloughed military chaplains and threatened them if they worked for free; 4) Closed business stops in the Florida Keys; 5) Blacked out sports and entertainment programming to overseas troops;
6) Closed D-Day Memorial; 7) Tried to close privately-funded Mount Vernon; 8) Closed more than 100 privately-managed parks that cost no money to run; 9) Closed self-sustaining Colonial Farm that has not received federal support since 1980; 10) Tried to close state-run parks in Wisconsin; 11) Closed Vietnam Memorial; 12) Closed privately-owned hotel and police blocked customers from entering its parking lot;
13) Park Service ranger said he had been told to make it as painful as possible; 14) Forced residents out of private homes located on federal property at Lake Mead; 15) Shut down Acadia Park in Maine; 16) Closed historic restaurant that stayed open during the last shutdown;
17) Shut down road that goes through a park in Colorado; 18) Closed the beaches at Cape Hatteras and residents of the Outer Banks plan to protest; 19) Blocked people from looking at Mt. Rushmore; 20) Took down crucial USDA websites; 21) Closed the Gateway Arch in St. Louis; 22) Bounced rowers from the Potomac River; 23) Closed Thompson Boat Center in Washington, D.C.; 24) Closed military commissary; 25) Closed all national parks including the Grand Canyon; 26) Took the Amber Alert website offline; 27) Canceled the Miramar Air Show with one-day notice; 28) Closed Peaks of Otter Lodge at start of peak season; 29) Stopped pay for federal prison guards but pay inmates for their work inside the prison; 30) Refused to allow family to use their $2,000 permit to raft the river with “Sorry for the inconvenience;” 31) Closed privately-funded, historic Ford’s Theater; 32) Threatened to close the King Crab season in Alaska because government must sign off on permits and quotas; 33) Threatened to stop school lunches for children.

                Even though the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, the GOP national party, states, counties, cities, and individuals have offered to pay the costs to keep parks, etc. open, the Obama Administration refuses the offers.  Obama and his minions are looking more petty and mean as the shutdown continues.

                Judi McLeod described Obama:  “What kind of a president would act the way Obama’s been acting since painting himself in a corner on the Government Shutdown? 
                “A bully boy president, who will be remembered long after he’s gone as the despicable `Poster Boy of Petty and Mean’.
                “Like the poorly raised kid who steals all the marbles and balls in childhood street games, Obama acts as though he owns even all the private property in the same country he is fundamentally transforming.
                “In his latest moves, he’s bitten off his nose to spite his face, and this time there is no Vladimir Putin riding over the horizon to rescue him.
                “When all of this first started, groups of vets in their 80s and 90s were DC bound to visit their war memorial.  Now the awakened grassroots is rising up against him.
                “The tide is turning and the only way back for Obama is to admit defeat.
                “This is one tide no one can stop, not the mainstream media, not Oprah, not even Michelle and Valerie Jarrett can get their favorite bully boy out of this one.
                “Coming down a road near BHO very soon:  an unforgettable bit lesson from the other side called `Drawing the Red Line 101’.”

                McLeod believes that Barack Obama is a narcissist and desires to be the “unquestioned world leaders” much like the way Hitler and Napoleon did and radical Islam still does.  As such, he believes he is all powerful and deserves the adulation of everyone while resenting our honoring anyone else.

                I believe he is dangerous.  He obviously does not like to be proven wrong or back down, and he will go to any length to get his way.  He is only willing to negotiate if he gets his own way!  The media continues to tell us that polls are against the GOP for forcing the shutdown, but I do not see it that way.  I agree with the military wife who stated that she would rather be pinched than suffocated.  I am more than willing to be inconvenienced if we can break the hold Obama has over our nation.  This could get real ugly before it gets better.


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