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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ObamaCare Fight

                The federal government shut down all non-essential work on October 1, 2013.  This brings many questions to my mind, and the first one is:  If these workers are so “non-essential,” why do they still have jobs in our government?

                The shutdown took place because the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House could not come to an agreement over how to fund and government and what to do with ObamaCare.  Democrats of course want to fund Barack Obama signature program and insist that the Republicans fund it.  Republicans have apparently heard enough from their constituents to stand tough; they are more than willing to fund the federal government but insist that some changes need to be made to Obamacare.  Mr. Obama and the Democrats act as though they have been insulted because the Republicans are acting contrary to what they are “expected” to do.

                Rich Lowry of the New York Post wrote of the irony:  “Even if Democrats deflect efforts to defund or delay the law in coming weeks, the fight will go on. Republican opposition is for the long haul, and it should be.  Even as the exchanges for individuals to purchase insurance get up and running, ObamaCare is still in play.  It has a legitimacy problem.  It had one before it passed, when it was kept afloat through gross special deals, and it has one still, when it is manifestly failing to live up to the president’s salesmanship on its behalf.  There’s a reason that usually we don’t pass major social changes lacking popular support on party-line votes – it is a formula for conflict rather than consensus.

                “Having done the deed, Democrats now expect Republicans to salute smartly, accept `the law of the land’ and suggest minor improvements that Democrats will, in their wisdom, decide whether or not to adopt.
                “In other words, they recommend the acquiescence of surrender.”

                Lowry is not the only one who sees irony in how the Democrats shut down the government.  Chris Salcedo is “the left’s worst nightmare – a free thinking conservative with a no holds barred radio show.”  Sacedo apparently believes that there would be no “partial government shutdown” if the “Senate Democrats actually believed in doing work for a living….

                “Three times the House GOP tried to fully fund the government.
                “First the GOP wanted to defund Obamacare.  Harry Reid and Resident Obama wouldn’t negotiate.  Then the GOP sought to give all of us the same delay that Mr. Obama gave corporate America.  They also sought to remove the dreaded medical device tax.  Reid and Obama refused to negotiate.

                “Then the GOP sent a third compromise.  This time they fully funded government and Obamacare but insisted that those in government endure the same pain we will all feel under Obamacare.  In a stunning vote, Democrats said they believe that they, their families, and their staffers are superior to `We the People.’  Democrats voted to keep the ability to shield themselves from Obamacare while insisting that we all shoulder Obamacare’s burden.

                “This is typical of the extremist left-wingers who now run government.  `Justice for me, and not for thee,’ replaces `Hope and Change’ in the era of Obama.
                “Harry Reid and Resident Obama have demanded 100 percent of what they want while simultaneously complaining that the GOP won’t bend to their demands….

                “Let me state for the record that the House GOP is under no obligation to give Harry Reid and Resident Obama 100 percent of what they want.  The GOP compromised three times; Resident Obama and Harry Reid refused to negotiate or even talk with Republicans.  We saw further evidence of this arrogance when Republicans pleaded with Senator Reid to follow the Constitution and send conferees to hammer out the differences on the continuing resolution between the two parties.  Reid refused yet again.

                “The record is clear.  The Republican Party was working while the Democrat Party was sitting on their collective _____ hoping for a government shutdown.  And they got it.”

                I feel great compassion for the many people who will suffer because the government failed them; however, I am grateful that someone finally stood up to the tyrant who is presently living in our White House.  Obama, Harry Reid, and many other Democrats show so much arrogance in their behavior that they need to be brought down a notch or two.   I hope that enough of the American people are watching with open eyes to see just what happens.  I hope we can keep the House Republicans in the hot seat longer for them to do some good.  Will the Republicans stand firm on good principles?  Will the Democrats remember that they work for `We the People’?  Just how will this political dance end?  Can we trust any of our leaders in Washington?  We must take names and let them face the consequences of whatever choices they make!

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