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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Destroying America

                I do not like the idea that the President of the United States is actively working to destroy our nation.  I prefer to think that we have an incompetent President, but I do not really believe this to be the case.  I have come to the conclusion that Obama is not only competent in what he does but also successful.  I found it very interesting that the following cited articles appeared on the Internet on the same day.

                In an article entitled “Theunspoken success of ObamaCare,” Doug Hagmann presents his case for Obama accomplishing exactly what he told us he would do – fundamentally transform America.

                Hagmann began his article:  “Despite what you are being told, the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), commonly known as ObamaCare, is already proving to be a resounding success.  The problem, however, is that the majority of Americans don’t fully understand the objectives of this plan, or the roles of its architects and its defenders.  Even the vast majority of conservative pundits in all venues don’t seem to `get it’ and, consequently, are leading their readers and listeners astray by focusing on the wrong issues.

                “First, it is vital to understand that the ACA is not now, nor never was, about providing affordable health care.  It is merely disguised as such.  Rather, it is the vehicle that is being covertly used to conduct the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that this nation has ever experienced.  It is being done methodically and for a specific purpose.  It is the vehicle that will ultimately disassemble and destroy significant parts of the United States Constitution and further enslave United States citizens.

                “Presently, all eyes are on the ostensible failures of the internet gateway or ACA website.  This is precisely where the Obama regime and globalist handlers want our focus to be.  The reason is that they want us to get caught up in the minutia and not see the bigger picture.  But it’s a failure, you might say, and ascribe the failure to incompetence, graft, and so on.  While generally true, we are being forced to examine only one tentacle of the octopus, while the rest of the creature is being hidden from view.

                “Perhaps this will become clearer if you stop for a moment and ask yourself just one question.  How is it possible that the United States government can build, implement and manage the most intricate surveillance apparatus in the world, using a complex array of computers to amass data on people not just in the U.S., but all across the world, yet fail miserably on a less complex health care portal, exchange or web site?  Put aside everything you’ve been told by the government and the media, both proponents and opponents of the ACA, and think for yourself.  Does this make sense?  If you are being truly intellectually honest, you must conclude that it does not.”  [Consider the claim of three young men in their twenties from the San Francisco area that say they “created a much simpler and cost-effective version of the site in just a few days while the Obama administration has been supposedly working on it for three years.”] 

                Hagmann continues his article by explaining what he believes is being done by the “right hand” of the Obama regime while the “left hand” is furthering the work of systematically destroying America.  It is a very interesting article that should be read by every American.

                After reading the Hagmann article, I turned to another web site found an article entitled “What Obama andI learned at Columbia:  How to destroyAmerica from within” written by Wayne Allyn Root who supposedly graduated from Columbia with Obama.  “America’s decline under Obama isn’t due to mistake, ignorance, or incompetence at the hands of a community organizer.  It’s a purposeful, brilliant plan hatched at Columbia University to destroy capitalism, American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian values, and the American Dream.

                “I never met Obama at Columbia.  We were both Political Science majors, both Pre Law.  We graduated on the same day.  There were perhaps 100 to 150 of us in the Political Science department.  And I thought I knew all of them.
                “As the token big-mouthed conservative patriot, I know they all knew me.  But not Obama.  I never met him, saw him, or even heard of him.  Not one of my friends at Columbia ever met him either….

                “What matters is what Obama learned and experienced at Columbia.  My classmates hated America.  They spoke with glee about one day `taking the system down.’  They blamed America for `unfairness, racism, inequality, and lack of social justice.’ 
                “Recognize those words?

                “My classmates proudly called themselves socialists, communists, and Marxists.  Even though almost all of them came from wealthy families (or perhaps because of it), they hated the rich and despised business owners.  They talked about how the `white power structure’ had to be dismantled, business owners bankrupted, and capitalism destroyed.  Everything in their minds was based on `social justice.’  …
                “But, there’s more.  We were all taught a simple, but brilliant plan.  My classmates discussed it 24/7.  It was their `American Dream.’

                “It was called `Cloward-Piven,’ after former Columbia professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven.  To bring down America and our capitalist system, they were taught to overwhelm the system with massive spending, entitlements and debt.  That would cause the economy to collapse, wipe out the middle class, and bring Americans to their knees, begging government to save them.
                “It’s the exact plan Obama has been implementing.  The centerpiece is Obamacare.

                “Obamacare isn’t about health care.  It’s about bankrupting the middle class and addicting it to government dependency.  It’s about redistributing wealth from the middle class and small business to Obama’s voters (the poor and unions).  Its goal is to wipe out the last vestiges of middle class America, creating a two-class society:  the super rich and the poor (both beholden to Obama.
                “Obama learned well, it’s working to perfection….”

                This is another interesting article that should be read by all Americans.  I find it very upsetting to learn that American universities are teaching ways to destroy our nation!  I found it fascinating that both writers came to the same conclusion but for different reasons.  Conservative sources such as The Heritage Foundation began in 2010 to warn Americans about the many problems caused by Obama care.  The Tea Party came about in opposition to the ACA.  We all hoped the Supreme Court would strike down the law as unconstitutional but were disappointed.  Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and the Republicans in the U.S House of Representatives tried to stop the ACA by defunding it but did not have the support of the RINOs in the Senate.  It appears that Obama has successfully launched the center piece of his plan to destroy the United States.  We must keep our eyes and ears alert and not be fooled by all the hoopla about the site while the regime continues to march forward with their plan.  Above all, we must pray for God to bless America!

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