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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Operation Underground Railroad

                Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that rescues children from sex rings.  Members of the organization travels internationally to combat child sex trafficking.  They rescue children legally but quicker because they do not have to deal with the bureaucracy of government work. 

                The Underground Railroad website explains the organization:  “The original Underground Railroad was a network that existed in nineteenth century America to liberate African slaves.  It consisted of secret routes, safe houses, and undercover operatives who would infiltrate the plantation, often pretending to be slaves themselves, then stealthily conduct the captives out of bondage.  We often congratulate ourselves for having eradicated nineteenth century slavery.  But it has not been eradicated.  It is uglier than ever.  Its victims today include nearly two million precious children in the world [according to UNICEF Report, The State of the World’s Children].  They are sex slaves.  That is why we have resurrected the Underground Railroad and we have employed many of the original clandestine techniques.

                “These poor children are abused daily, thousands of them being imported every year into developed countries like the United States and Canada.  These children range from toddlers to teenagers. … We know how to extract them. … We rescue them and place them into safe havens where they can be rehabilitated.  Then we go after the bad guys and break their organizations.  Help us do this.  Help us help the children.

                “We have gathered the world’s experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts.  They are former CIA, FBI, Navy SEALs, and Green Berets.  They make up what we call the Underground Jump Team.  While the United States government is leading the world in such operations, it is largely hindered by bureaucracy and jurisdictional limitations.  If there is no U.S. statute being violated, then no U.S. action can be taken.  Because most of these suffering children fall outside of U.S. jurisdiction and often find themselves kidnapped and abused in regions where the resources to save them are scarce, it is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help.  It is our duty as a free and blessed people.  If not us, who? …”

                The website explains the process of rescuing the children, apprehending the perpetrators and taking apart the networks.  “Our mission is straightforward:  Using cutting-edge computer technology and human intelligence, we contract undercover teams of former CIA and Special Ops personnel to go into the darkest corners of the world to help local law enforcement liberate enslaved children and dismantle the criminal networks.  All public donations go directly to our child rescue missions.”

                Glenn Beck announced on his Tuesday morning radio show that a longtime friend had disclosed to him that he is an agent of the federal government who rescues children from international trafficking rings.  Within twenty-four hours, $300,000 had been donated to help the organization.

                Glenn Beck told his radio audience on Tuesday morning that one of his longtime friends had revealed a secret to him recently.  The friend told Glenn that he is an agent of the federal government who rescues children from international trafficking rings.  Beck’s friend told him about one of his first missions.  A five-year-old boy and his ten-year-old sister were kidnapped in America and taken across the border to be used as “sex toys” at drug cartel parties.  The sister instructed her brother to “remember that he’s a man of God and to pray for miracles.”  A miracle did happen because Beck’s friend was actually at these parties pretending to be a rich American who wanted to buy children and bring them back to the USA to sell into sex slavery.  He was at this particular party and said, “I want that one and that one and that one and that one.”  As soon as he had “paid” for the children, federal agents appeared and saved the children.

                Beck’s friend said that the little boy was confused at first because he assumed he would be abused again.  When he understood that the men were there to rescue him, he ran to Beck’s friend, grabbed him around the neck, and “wouldn’t let go.”  The friend said “That was my first mission.  There are hundreds of missions like that after.”  The friend then started opening files and “throwing pictures down on the table” and saying “we know where they are.”

                On Beck’s show on Wednesday morning, he told his radio audience that “they helped raise $300,000 in a single day to combat child sex trafficking, and that, thanks to their efforts, two Operation Underground Railroad jump teams have already been deployed to rescue victims.”

                Beck’s friend sent him an email saying: “Glenn, your listeners have done it.  We made over $300,000 yesterday because you talked on the air and your listeners reacted.  Because of the money that your listeners sent, we have already deployed two jump teams to rescue victims.  That’s how fast things can happen.  I was ecstatic last night when I was able to call the father of a trafficked child who is a U.S. citizen, kidnapped and taken to Haiti.  He is only 7 years old.”

                The boy was kidnapped during a Sunday church service.  The Underground Railroad had known the whereabouts of this child but did not have the funds to rescue him until today.  Beck read the following letter from the boy’s father.

                “Glenn and audience – thank you.  Before you go to sleep at night, do you have to check on each of your sweet children?  Do you have to know that they are safe and sound before you close your eyes?  I do.  It is why I have not slept since my son was taken.  I walk the streets each night; I walk aimlessly through different neighborhoods each night trying to hear his cries.  I come home and sit on my porch until I nod off for a few minutes.  Then when the sun comes up, I go to work in my orphanage.  I can’t sleep in my bed so long as my boy is not in his.  I can’t explain the pain.  Months ago I saw some light when I was introduced to Operation Underground Railroad.  They came to my home, they met with me, and they began to investigate ….  And now … They’re coming back, because you and your listeners sent them.  Thank you.  God bless you and your audience.  May God bless you forever.  We will find him.  I know he is still alive.”

                Beck asked his listeners to donate to Operation Underground Railroad and explained that he is not involved and has nothing to do with it other than believing in his friend.  If you want to join in this “remarkable and good” operation, you can donate here. 

                I cannot even imagine the heartache of parents and other family member of these two million children!  In his message above, the father said that it had been “months” since Operation Underground Railroad first contacted him.  I lost one of my little children in a shopping mall once and was frantic until I found her.  She had been missing for only a few minutes, which seemed like hours.  This man has been searching for “months.”  No wonder he cannot sleep!

                I googled “child sex slavery” and was appalled at what I found there.  There are reports of it in Chicago, New York, Ohio, Florida, and who knows where else.  In July 2013 the FBI reported that they had rescued 105 children and youth during a 72-hour nationwide operation targeting pimps who prey on children.  The teens were mostly ages 13-17, but the youngest child rescued was 9 years old.  “Operation Cross-Country targeted sting operations in 76 U.S. cities and resulted in the arrests of 150 pimps.  Ronald Hosko, assistant director of the FBI’s criminal division said that child sex slavery is “one of the most prevalent, violent and unconscionable crimes in our country.”
                Most of the young victims who are forced into sex trafficking are between the ages of 13 and 16 and come from foster care homes or are runaways.  They are referred to as “children with a void” and become dependent on the perpetrator as the pimp identifies and fills the void.

                John Ryan, CEO of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said, “Many of these children don’t have concerned family members who are looking for them.”

                There appears to be a real problem with children and youth being forced into sex trafficking.  Operation Underground Railroad appears to be a legitimate organization.  If you desire to donate, please do some homework on your own to determine their legitimacy.  If you do nothing else, please protect your little children and pray for those who are being used and abused.

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