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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Calling Evil What It Is

                The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is the simple fact that evil exists in our world and is growing because it is supported by many people in numerous organizations throughout the world.  I believe it is safe to say that our world is being attacked by secret combinations that have infiltrated the government of the United States and have taken over other countries.  These secret combinations want control and us evil means to progress towards their goal.  Israel seems to be the one nation in the world that understands this principle.

                Arthur Weinreb of Canada Free Press shares the news that yet another person has been forced to resign a position because he dared to call evil what it is and the hypocrisy of those who support it.  Paul Estrin, the president of the Green Party of Canada, penned a 2,200 word essay on his blog about the conflict between Israel and Gaza.  Mr. Estrin resigned from his position because of the many complaints about what he had written.  He recognized evil for what it is and described it, opposing the official party line.  “Estrin opposed the party line and made critical comments about Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization in Canada.  He had the nerve to actually suggest Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorists.  In his post he criticized neither the residents of Gaza, Palestinians or Arabs.  His negative comments focused squarely on Hamas, the terrorists who currently govern Gaza.”

                The statement by Mr. Estrin has been deleted from the Green Party’s website, but he was forced out of his position for telling the truth.  Mr. Estrin wrote the truth about the way Hamas treats the people of Gaza.  Hamas steals the international aid meant to help the people and uses it to attack Israel.  He reminded his readers that the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the obliteration of all Jews.  Even though leaders of the Green Party of Canada claim they condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization, they actually support them in attacking Israel.

                Mr. Estrin’s statement can be found at the site of the Centre of Israel and Jewish Affairs for all to read and recognize the small-mindedness of the Green Party of Canada.  Mr. Estrin was a brave man to write the essay, but he became a coward by sticking to the party line. 

                I encourage you to read the complete statement of Mr. Estrin.  He merely wrote about the sadness he feels when he considers the state of affairs in Gaza and how it could have been different without the evil of Hamas.  Israel gave freedom to the people of Gaza in 2005 and even gave them land without peace between them.  Gaza has received international aid for nearly ten years, and Israel continues to give them aid even during the Hamas missile attacks.

                Mr. Estrin closed his essay with these words:  “One day, and soon, I hope that Gaza’s government will act appropriately and show that the life of every single person is precious.  But I fear that our world’s international media, international agencies and all the activists whose noble actions are grossly misplaced, although nonetheless noble, they are simply enabling the terrorists, and so all they are having reinforced is that this is a strategy that works.
                “I hope and pray for a peace.  That the borders will open.  That trade starts up.  That the international airport in Gaza can be reopened.  That Gazans can retake their old jobs and through economic endeavours create and build upon a peace of social and economic unity.  And then maybe the other issues, such as water, air, and environment can be paid the dire attention that is needed.
                “But I feel that peace will take a miracle.  Israel is losing patience, a country cannot live in constant fear without hardliners coming to power … and then, while the world watches, Israel will be forced to conduct a military maneuver, one that perhaps it ought to have made years ago, to then enable reconstruction and a manageable peace.  I pray it will not come to that, but if Gaza under Hamas continues its reign of terror, what choice will Israel plausibly have.”

                All of us are sad about the conditions under which the people of Gaza live; none of us wish to see people suffer and die, particularly women and children.  All of us would like to see peace in the Middle East.  The truth remains:  If Hamas stopped attacking Israel, there would be peace.  If Israel stopped defending its citizens, there would be no Israel.  Hamas desires the destruction of Israel and death of all Jews.  Israel has the right and the responsibility to protect itself and its people.  How would you feel if a declared enemy sent 3000 plus missiles into your nation?  How would you feel if those missiles were fired within a period of three or four weeks?  I – if I would fortunate to live through the attacks - would be demanding that my government do something about the enemy!

                The simple fact remains that we must call evil what it is.  There are two forces in the world – God and Satan.  God brings all that is good into the world – love, peace, cooperation, etc.  Satan brings evil into the world – hate, confusion, war, etc.  The evil that is driving the actions of Hamas comes from Satan.  Evil is real and must be destroyed, but first it must be identified and called what it is!


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