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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nation of Miracles

                On May 14, 1948, an independent Israel was born.  This new state was a miracle of history because Israel was the first nation to be destroyed, its people scattered across the world, and then re-gathered to their homeland to become a distinct nation once again.

                The re-birth of Israel was closely followed by another miracle, “The armies of seven Arab nations marched on the newborn State, boasting that they would `push the Jews into the sea.’  Outnumbered 100 to 1, Israel not only repelled the invaders but acquired more of Palestine than was granted in the UN partition plan.”  Yigael Yadin, Israel’s commander of operations in that war, called the victory a miracle.  This site lists five particular miracles that took place during the war plus other miracles.

                Israel is once again at war and battling for its very survival.  Once again, miracles are taking place.  This article from the Blaze describes two miracles of nature that protected Israeli soldiers fighting with Hamas in Gaza.  Col. Ofer Winter, a brigade commander, described in an interview with an Israeli newspaper a miracle that could have come right from the Bible:  “He said that a predawn raid that was intended to make use of the dark as concealment was delayed, forcing the soldiers to move toward their objective as the sun was about to rise.  The soldiers were in danger of being revealed in the light but, Winter recalled, a heavy fog descended to cover their movements until the objective was achieved.
                “`Suddenly a cloud protected us,’ he said, making a reference to the clouds that the Bible says protected the Israelites as they wandered in the desert.  `Clouds of glory.’  Only when the soldiers were in a secure position did the fog dissipate, he said.”

                The Blaze article described a second miracle that was “reported by a group of religious Jews” who harvested their wheat in accordance with the biblical mandate to allow land to rest every seventh year.  The farmers harvested their wheat without knowing the future significance of their actions.  On July 17, when the fighting between Israel and Hamas was most fierce, “13 Hamas militants infiltrated from Gaza via a tunnel into Israel at the exact spot near Kibbutz Sufa where the men had been farming.  The terrorists were shocked to discover that their natural camouflage – the giant wheat field that they were counting on – had disappeared.  The now empty field allowed IDF surveillance to spot them as they emerged from their holes and to repel their attack by dropping a bomb on them from above.”

                Still another miracle was reported in this article out of Jerusalem on July 26, 2014.  “During the war in Gaza, a bullet was fired from a Kalashnikov rifle towards an IDF soldier.  The bullet was stopped by a hand grenade in his pocket.  The grenade did not explode and the soldier was saved.   Apparently the bullet came from a long distance and with rather low velocity and was unable to penetrate.
                “The grenade is a specially made grenade made by Israel Military Industries and was developed after a series of safety issues causing grenades to explode upon being hit with a bullet or shrapnel.  This special type does not explode because of outside impact.”

                Not only the Israelis believe that God is protecting the Jews.  This article quotes a statement made by a terrorist from Gaza “when asked why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively:  `We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.’”

                With that kind of knowledge, I would expect Hamas to stop fighting against Israel and start learning why God protects them.  I believe God does protect Israel by miracles and will continue to help the Israelis in their battle for survival.  I pity any person or nation that fights against Israel and their God.  Their God – my God – is all powerful!

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