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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Questions about Benghazi

                Questions about the 2012 terrorist attack at the U.S. compound and the nearby CIA complex in Benghazi continue to be in the news.  I hope the attack will stay in the news until the American people know the truth about it.  The Obama Administration continues to cover up their actions concerning the attack – prior, during, and after it. 

                The attack resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador.  New questions are coming out because security contractors stepped forward to say that they were told to “stand down” when trying to defend the compound.  The attack is currently being investigated by a selected committee of members of the U.S. House of Representatives led by Congressman Trey Gowdy.

                Aaron Klein, radio host and WND reporter, wrote a recently released book entitled The REAL Benghazi Story:  What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know.  In his book Klein claims that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was coordinating “arms shipments to the jihadist rebels fighting the Syrian regime.”  He stated that this scheme to arm rebels could be considered “the Fast and Furious of the Middle East, the Iran-Contra of the Obama administration.”  WND has more information about Klein’s book here

                Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, brings other questions to light in his book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment.  He suggests Barack Obama should be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors” because of his lack of action to provide adequate protection at the compound.  He claims that this lack of action is “impeachable and removable.” 

                “The most shocking transgression by this president involves Benghazi, which is a profound dereliction of duty, even though it’s not an indictable offense….  It’s simply a fact that the president does not have to be indictable in order to be removable….
                “Once you know what impeachable offenses are, when you know what high crimes and misdemeanors are, you look at a president who doesn’t defend Americans under terrorist siege for hours notwithstanding that he knew from the earliest part of the assault that a terrorist attack was underway.  … And then you go through other things like Fast and Furious, where you had a Justice Department that actually armed violent Mexican crime syndicates intentionally to try to make cases, separation of powers is a big problem, but it’s hardly the only problem.”

                Even though he believes Mr. Obama has committed impeachable offenses, McCarthy does not advocate for impeachment because he does not believe the President would actually be removed from office (remember Bill Clinton).  This Senate under the direction of Harry Reed simply will not hold this President to the rule of law!

                Still another book was written containing the experiences of people who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attack.  The book - 13 Hours In Benghazi:  The Inside Account Of What Really Happened - was written Mitchell Zuckoff, journalism professor at Boston University.

       reports:  “The Obama administration, the CIA, and even some congressional committees – they all said there `was no “stand down” order.’  But now five men who helped ward off the terrorists that attacked U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, two years ago say it’s only because they defied such an order that as many as 25 Americans are alive today.”

                Breitbart quoted Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the security contractors on that fateful evening said in a telephone interview:  “There’s quite a few – the soft-skins, we call them, or the non-shooters….  They’re all still working.  I can’t give their names out or give their call signs out.  The only ones I can are like me and Oz and Tig who have come out.  We’re all on board with the project and we’re all a team together, but some want to remain anonymous.
                “As far as the numbers, you’ve got – and I’m going to be approximate – but there’s about 25 people that came out there and then there’s however many that left from Tripoli from the State Department when we got there.  There’s a lot of them.  I haven’t stayed in touch with all of them, and haven’t felt the need to.  But a lot of them are staffers for the most part.  A lot of them are still working.”

                Within minutes of word of the terrorist attack on the compound, the security team at the CIA Annex – Paronto, John “Tig” Tiegen, Mark “Oz” Geist, Jack Silva, Dave “D.B.” Benton, and Tyrone “Rone” Woods - were ready to head to the compound.    U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and five other Americans were at the compound calling for help.  The security team waited for permission for twenty or minutes and were told twice to “wait” and once to “stand down.”  Finally, they decided to act on their own.

                In an interview I heard recently, one of the men said they had to wait to write their book for two years because of contract conditions; however, he also said the book was not political at all, just an attempt to get the truth out to the American people.

                Some people believe that Benghazi is “old news,” but I do not.  I believe that more information will continue to come out.  I believe that truth will eventually prove that Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton set the stage – intentionally or unintentionally - for the murders of four Americans and then covered up for political reasons.  Will the truth come out in time to save our nation from those who seek to destroy us?  Only time will tell.

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