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Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Dads

                Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when fathers take their responsibility as dads seriously.  There are deadbeat dads and there are amazing women who rear their families without a biological father in the home; however, fathers hold a very important position in the lives of their children, a position that no one else can truly fill.

                Jonathan Decker, a licensed marriage and family counselor, suggested seven things that amazing dads do.  He included in his list many of the things that he had seen his own father do.  His seven suggestions are:   (1) Be a good man, (2) Love (and/or respect) their mother, (3) Work hard, but make regular time for your children, (4) Share your interests, but encourage your kids in theirs, (5) Influence instead of control, (6) Openly express affection, and (7) Don’t lose your playful side.

                I encourage you to read the article and learn how to be an amazing dad – because your children deserve to have an amazing father.  When fathers become amazing dads, families, communities, and nations are strengthened.

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