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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Islamists in America

                Conservatives have warned that Islamic terrorists were coming into our country with many of them coming over our southern border.  This information has now been confirmed by one of the terrorists. 

                According to Zach Noble of The Blaze, one Islamic State supporter claims that Islamic terrorists are in our country and are ready to wage jihad on American soil.  Twenty-year-old Christopher Cornell is now in jail in Boone County, Kentucky, after being arrested as part of an FBI undercover investigation in January 2015.  What triggered the arrest?  He purchased two rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition for his planned attack on Washington, D.C.

                For whatever reason, Cornell, who goes by the name of Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, called three times from his jail cell for an unexpected interview with reporter Tricia Macke at WXIX-TV.  His message was so terrible that his attorney tried to keep the interview from airing, but the judge let it air.

                Without saying how he contacted the Islamic State, Cornell said, “I got orders from the brothers overseas because I’m with the Islamic State…. My brothers over there, in Syria and Iraq, gave me specific orders to carry out jihad in the west, so I did so.”  He added, “There will be many, many attacks…. Like I said, we are ready for the battle over the Capitol.”

                When asked, Cornell explained that he planned to take his gun to Washington to shoot Barack Obama.  Then he planned to move to the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Israeli Embassy, and various other building to wage war against non-Muslims.

                There are training camps located in the United States where would-be terrorists learn how to conduct jihad against Americans.  The FBI knows of at least 22 of these paramilitary communes located within our nation.  The communes are operated by Jamaat al-Fuqra, a group based out of Pakistan, and Muslims of the Americas.       

                The camps have apparently been here since at least 2007 when conservative blogger Pamela Geller began watching the camps.  She said that “most of the members in the camps are African-Americans who have converted to Islam while doing time in state or federal prison.”  A map of camp locations can be seen here.

                Neither Jamaat al-Fuqra nor Muslims of the Americas (MOA) are listed as terrorist groups by the U.S. government.  Ms. Geller gave the following possible reason for the lack of raids on the communes:  “… there is a great reluctance among government and law enforcement agencies across the board, no matter who is president, to appear to be anti-Muslim.  These compounds say they’re peaceful Muslim communities, and the government wants to give the impression that such things can exist in the U.S. without any trouble.”

                Police chiefs and sheriffs are aware of the MOA camps and are “watching” them but do not interact much with them.  Thus far, inhabitants of the camps seem to keep to themselves where they wear Islamic clothing; they are apparently not committing crimes or causing problems for the local law enforcement agencies.  They apparently have some sort of plans as to what to do with all their trained members but are currently peaceful except for the “lone wolves” like Cornell who go out on their own to wage jihad on Americans. 

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