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Friday, September 23, 2016

Media Influence

                Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when we understand how media influences our choices. Even though technology on its own is neither good nor bad, the effects it has on us can be far-reaching. All members of our families must understand that the media we choose to consume will affect us for good or evil.

                In an interesting article titled “No Neutral Ground – How Media Influences Us,” Aysia Tan discusses the effects of media. “No one is immune to media’s influence. We cannot expect to indulge in media designed to affect us mentally and emotionally without its influence being sustained in our subconscious long after the movie is over, the book is closed, or the song ends. Those who believe media does not affect them are often the people who are most affected because they deny the influence and are therefore not guarded against it. Just as water will continue to seep through a leak in a boat whether or not we acknowledge the leak, so will media continue to influence our thoughts whether or not we address its impact.”

                Tan continues her article by explaining how media affects us and how we can choose positive media options. “By understanding the influence media has on our lives, we can consciously address the options before us. Our choices make all the difference in determining our sensitivity to the Spirit and the goodness around us. Every decision we make brings us closer to or further from our Father in Heaven.”

                Tan reminds her readers that we have the power to choose what media that we will consume. “By choosing to participate in morally uplifting media, we invite the Spirit and allow ourselves to be strengthened. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we are given the power to act for ourselves. (See 2 Nephi 2:26.) …
                “The great advances in media technology with which the Lord has blessed us come with a responsibility for us to choose how to use those technologies. Through study and experience, I have seen the impact media has, whether or not we chose to acknowledge it. Before us are the options of the morally degrading or the wholesome and uplifting. We have the choice – but more importantly, we have the power to choose.”

                The article is very interesting and well worth the time and effort to study it. We - as parents, grandparents, leaders, and teachers - have the responsibility to help the rising generation to develop good habits with our media consumption. We can teach by both word and example, but we must teach them to choose wisely in order to stay close to Heavenly Father. I know that our media choices influence our thoughts, words, and actions. I also know that we can strengthen our families, communities, and nations by consuming only positive, uplifting media and teaching our children and youth to follow our examples. 

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