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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Voting by Non-American Citizens

                There is no secret about the fact that many people living within the United States are not American citizens. Many Americans are concerned that some of these non-citizens will vote in the presidential election. Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal shares some ideas about the problem of non-Americans voting.

                The right to vote is one of the many benefits of being American citizens, but liberals and progressives are giving that right to non-citizens as quickly and thoroughly as they can. With the Obama administration actively fighting states that try to verifying the citizenship status of registered voters, there seems to be increased chances for voter fraud. Lucas says, “Inquiries into voter fraud are typically met with derision from both government and the media – and in at least one instance with prosecution. Prosecutors don’t prioritize voter fraud, while convictions only garner light sentences.”

                Leftists do not want voter identification and look for ways to get around the voter integrity laws. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, explains, “Why on earth would you not want to make sure that only citizens are registered and voting? … That to me shows that the Obama administration and the left generally, which is behind this, want to be able to steal elections if necessary. To me, that’s a crisis.”

                Fitton continues, “The percentages of non-citizens in the United States are approaching nearly 15 percent now…. So it’s a numbers game. A certain number of those citizens – a certain number of those residents, both legally … present and illegally present, are going to register to vote.”

                Leftists continue to argue that voter ID laws limit the voting opportunities for minorities, but actual facts dispute their arguments. In the states that are using voter ID laws, the number of minorities voting has actually increased. It stands to reason that people are more likely to vote if they feel their vote will count. 

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