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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Keeping Campaign Promises

                Donald Trump was elected to be the President of the United States (POTUS) by an overwhelming majority. Americans voted for him because they liked his campaign promises better than they like those of Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump is in his second week of the presidency, and he has already kept some of his promises. There are many people who are surprised that President Trump is keeping his campaign promises. However, no one should be surprised at what he does because he clearly told everyone what he intended to do if elected.

                Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke at The Heritage Foundation on Monday. According to Morgan Walker who wrote the piece for The Daily Signal, Gingrich says that President Trump is “nowhere near finished” in keeping his promises, President Trump is “the new presidential” for doing what he said he would do, and President Trump is not understood by the liberals “because he isn’t a politician.” 

                Morgan quotes Gingrich as saying, “He is a business leader who became president. He never became a politician in between… He has no interest in learning how to be a politician. He has every interest in getting things done.”

                As Morgan reports, Gingrich discussed the recent executive order, which put a stop to immigrants from seven nations entering the United States. “He’s been saying it for 10 months. You would think at some point in the 10 months they would have gone, `Oh, what if he actually means it?’” Gingrich also jumped on the media for describing the executive order as a “Muslim ban” because it is an “irresponsible ‘lie’ that `sent a signal to over a billion Muslims about something that is `totally false.’”

                From my totally conservative point of view, I think Donald Trump is running circles around all the Democrats, media members, and many Republicans. If they plan to keep up with him, they better put on their running shoes! I must tell you that I am enjoying the show because President Trump clearly shows that he is putting America and Americans first! May God bless President Trump, and may God bless the USA!

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