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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Happened to Michael Flynn?

            Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, resigned his office yesterday. The reasons and comments given for his resignation are questionable. Is it a problem of his not telling the whole truth to Vice President Mike Pence, or did he actually do something wrong? In any event it appears that he was just assassinated politically.

            Are minions of Barack Obama in the CIA working behind the scenes to destroy the Trump Administration? Where are the leaks coming out of the White House coming from?

            Rush Limbaugh seems to think that the leaks have something to do with Obama supporters. He asks, “What did Obama know, and when did he know it?” He also said that the “drive-by media smells blood.” 

            The liberal progressive supporters of Barack Obama forced Flynn to resign. Their attacks on Donald Trump and his administration will now increase. They will not be satisfied until Trump is out of the White House. Yet, they do not seem to understand that Trump is a fighter. He likes to win, and he fights until he does win. He has been in office less than a month, and he will learn how to deal with all sorts of problems.

            What do you think? Do you trust President Trump more than the lame stream media? Are you a secret supporter for the shadow government being set up by Barack Obama? I personally trust Trump much more than Obama or the media. I hope he comes out swinging and hits hard!

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