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Friday, July 27, 2018

A War That We Must Win

            Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when adults recognize that we are at war because children are being trafficked to satisfy adult lusts and behaviors. Pedophiles are alive and busy in our society, and the rising generation is in danger of being used by them. There is even some talk that people are trying to legitimize pedophilia, just as same-sex marriage was legalized. We must win this war as soon as possible.

            Greg Trimble posted a powerful article about what is happening with regard to pedophiles and children. His article opened the eyes of this writer and should be read by every parent, grandparent, and responsible adult. He says that we should declare war on “an unspeakable horror that is taking place in our world.”  He continues with this horrible statement. 

Kids around the world are being preyed on by miserable wicked pedophiles. They are being enslaved for labor, starved, beaten, raped multiple times a day, and then when the time is right, they are killed in order to have their organs harvested.

            Trimble claims that this “epidemic” is “right in front of us, even in our own cities, and it’s getting worse by the day.” He also says that it is “American pedophiles who are leading the way in child trafficking worldwide.” He states that a person, usually a man, starts with “soft porn,” something that is available to anyone with a cell phone. The soft porn usually leads to hard porn. The porn addict then seeks something more exciting and turns to pedophilia.

… Americans have better access to technology, more money, and more freedom to travel throughout the world. So what happens is that these pedophiles view child pornography within the comfort of their own home and then travel to third world countries to act out what they’re viewing online. Third world country villains take advantage of poor conditions, fatherless families, and natural disasters to easily swoop up kids into their system of making money.

Much of this demand for child trafficking and sex slavery is created in the United States. The U.S. is the highest producer and consumer of child pornography in the world. … Every 30 seconds, a child is being sold for sex, labor, or so that someone can harvest their organs to sell for top dollar on the black market. The U.S. creates the demand and the bad guys in other countries fulfill the orders.

            There is only one way for parents to safeguard their children. They must create a safety net around their children and hold them close. Several years ago the Boy Scouts of America instituted “two-deep leadership” in order to keep the boys safe. Recently, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints instituted “two-deep leadership” for all classes involving children and teenagers. This includes all Sunday classes, all weeknight activities, and even Seminary, a scripture study class for teenagers that is held each weekday morning during the school year. It also includes any interviews with priesthood authorities for children, youth, or women.

            This change took place about two months ago. I teach a class in Primary for children that are eight years old. The children were surprised when they learned that there would be a second adult in our class every week. When I told them that the Church was just making sure that they were safe, they became highly indignant. One girl said quite adamantly, “You would never hurt us!” I agreed with her that I would never hurt them, and I then explained that there are people in the world, and even in the Church, who would hurt them. Therefore, the Church is being careful and making sure that they stay safe. They accepted my explanation and have not mentioned it again. Every week since the announcement there has been a second adult in our classroom. Usually the person sits quietly in the back of the room while we go forward with our lesson. Other times the second adult participates in the lesson. The children are totally comfortable.

            Responsible adults must take the necessary steps to keep children and youth safe. The war for their safety is too great. The bottom line is that we must keep them safe in order to strengthen our families, communities, and nations.

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