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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Proud to Be an American

            Gallup asked Americans a question that they have asked every year since 2003. The question is about pride in America. The survey found that the number of people who are “extremely proud” or “proud” of being an American is the lowest that it has ever been. According to the poll, only 47 percent of people are “extremely proud” with another 25 percent who say that they are “very proud” of being an American. These are the lowest percentages for each question.

            The poll also shows that there is a huge divide between the political parties. It shows that 74 percent of Republicans are “extremely proud” of America while only 32 percent of Democrats say the same. There were 1,520 U.S. adults surveyed during the period of June 1-13, and the reported margin of error is 3 percentage points.

            Cabot Phillips visited New York City to visit with college students about their American pride and made a video about his findings. Here are some of the students’ responses when asked if they are proud to be an American.

. No, I’m not proud of America, I’m not proud of what we’ve done.

. Things that are like, “America,” I don’t want to associate myself with.

. I think we need to stop thinking we’re the best nation on earth because that’s just  
  egotistical and it’s not accurate.

            Phillips then asked the students why they were not proud to be Americans and received these answers among several others. 

. I mean, I think the answer’s pretty obvious. Um, just look at the news.

. It comes from the, like, history of the U.S.

. I had no idea how many people in this country were so far right and

            It seems as though the liberal media and the liberal educational systems are teaching the rising general that there is nothing good about America. For example, there is much more good in the history of our nation than there is bad, but at least one student was swayed by the bad. Are the students hearing the good things and choosing the bad, or are they not being told?

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