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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

            Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full blast. Liberals and the mainstream media have been up in arms since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016. They never run out of things to be upset over when it comes to Trump.

            In recent weeks they were upset about ICE separating families that enter the US illegally – even though the same thing has been happening under previous administrations. They moved instantaneously to being upset because Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Kennedy seat on the Supreme Court. They are absolutely certain that Roe v. Wade will end if Kavanaugh is confirmed. Now they are upset because they think that Trump dissed American intelligence in his news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putting.

            Liberals and people in the media even get upset when conservatives mention Trump Derangement Syndrome. Judge Jeanine Pirro went on The View - knowing full well that she was walking into “the lion’s den” - to discuss her new book Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy. During the “conversation” the Judge pointed at Whoopi Goldberg and said that she has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Whoopi immediately got upset. Even though she claimed that she did not have it, the conversation erupted and the Judge was told to get out of the building. On her way out, Whoopi came at her again. The other side of the story can be found here. 

            The Judge is exactly right. America IS better than this. Both sides must come to the point where a simple conversation can happen without eruptions. Whoopi’s eruption did not accomplish a single thing except to make her look like an idiot.

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