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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Desperate Democrats

              Democrats are so desperate to delay the confirmation vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh that they are willing to throw dignity and decency out the window. Judge Kavanaugh and millions of Americans endured a circus-like atmosphere during the hearings in the Senate. Democrats threw everything they could at Kavanaugh during the hearing – except a hidden bombshell.

            Days after the hearing ended Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) revealed that she had an anonymous letter from a woman claiming that Kavanaugh committed sexual misconduct during his high school years. Feinstein said that she received the letter in July, but she did not explain why she had no questions about it during the hearings when he could have defended himself on record. No, she held onto the letter.

            Democrats seem to enjoy doing things anonymously. First, we had all the leaks from people inside the Trump administration. Then we had the anonymous piece in The New York Times. Now we have the anonymous letter, a letter that is no longer anonymous as of Sunday.

            Christine Blasey Ford from California says that she sent the letter. She claims that she has been in therapy for years because of the assault, but I find it strange that she did not say anything about it until now. Why didn’t she say something it when Kavanaugh was first nominated, or why didn’t Feinstein say something about it in July when she received it? It seems questionable to me!

            I believe that this is just another trick of the Democrats in their attempt to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh until after the November election. They are hoping to gain control of the Senate and stop his confirmation. I think that Ford should called to testify under oath to the Senate committee. I believe that it is important to call the Democrats out on this trick and determine the truth of the situation.

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