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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Freedom from False Accusations

            The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is the need for freedom from false accusations. The rule of law in the United States has always been innocent until proven guilty. We are now faced with a whole new world where people are judged guilty until they prove their innocence. If a person cannot prove their innocence, they must be guilty!

            Senate Democrats, the progressive media, and liberal activists have opened a real Pandora’s Box for parents. They are acting like ravenous wolves in their attempt to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed as an associate justice on the Supreme Court – or whichever comes first. They do not seem to care how they do it or what the results are. They just want to stop his confirmation any way that they can.

            They first put on quite a circus in the Senate chambers while Kavanaugh endured 40 hours of questioning. Then Dianne Feinstein brought out a letter from a woman that was allegedly assaulted by Kavanaugh while they were both in high school. However, the woman and/or her attorneys drug their feet about her testimony to the Senate committee. Now another woman is claiming that Kavanaugh acted in appropriately at a college party. I wondered how long it would take them to find another so-called “victim.”

            The shenanigans of the enemies of Kavanaugh in the Senate confirmation proceedings were bad enough, but the last hour accusations are truly terrible. In fact, they are disgusting and repulsive to any person with true moral standards. In addition to destroying a decent man and ruining his career track, they are setting a terrible precedent for future judges and for future generations.

            Jake Hoffman claims that the “immediate presumption of guilt for Judge Kavanaugh” poses a “clear and present danger” to the boys and young men in our nation. He says that parents of boys need to understand that the attacks on Kavanaugh will cause problems with their sons’ “reputation, college and career prospects, and general welfare.” By judging Kavanaugh guilty until proven innocent, they have set “a new standard for sexual assault allegations, wherein they should be accepted simply for having been made.” The fact that the allegations were believed in spite of there being no evidence makes it even worse. Liberals and progressives believe that every girl and woman who claims assault should be believed and that every accused boy or man must prove their innocence. Hoffman suggests that parents consider how they would feel if the following situation was presented to their son.

A girl comes forward accusing your son of sexual assault. The case she lays out contains minimal evidence with fuzzy, uncorroborated details and zero recollection at all of many foundational material facts. Two of the only three people the girl claims are in a position to corroborate the allegation issue patent denials, and the only person with whom the incident was disclosed prior to a public accusation against your son contradicts key facts of the allegation. The accuser has a demonstrable history during that period of her life of underage intoxication and your son unequivocally denies that the situation ever occurred. When the authorities offer to hear her testimony, she issues a list of demands designed to obscure your son’s quest for the truth and unfairly prejudice the investigation significantly in her favor. To compound matters, failure by your son to disprove these allegations will result in him losing everything – his reputation, friends, college admission prospects, scholarships, and career opportunities, along with an infinite amount of additional harm.

            I think that we can all agree that we do not want this scenario levied against our sons or daughters. We would want our children and grandchildren to be treated fairly and squarely. We would want our children to be treated as innocent until proved guilty. We need to forget our partisan likes and dislikes and demand that this behavior be stopped. We need to vote Democrats out of office!

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