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Monday, September 3, 2018

Jim Jordan

            Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is a conservative member of the US House of Representatives, and he recently officially entered the race to become the next Speaker of the House. Opponents have come out against him in great force.

            We must wait to see if Republicans retain control of the House. If they do not, Jordan’s decision means nothing. There is a fear that Republicans lack the enthusiasm to come out to vote in necessary numbers to retain the House. The waning of enthusiasm can be traced back to current Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. They have not supported President Donald Trump as they should have. For instance, they worked with Trump to pass a new tax law but did not make any spending cuts.

            Republican leaders made promises to Americans that they have not kept, and Americans are not pleased with them. There is no excuse for the way that many Republicans have not supported the President and helped him to move America forward once again. Maybe, just maybe, that situation will change. Adam Brandon, president and CEO of FreedomWorks,wrote the following about Jordan.

Jordan is running on a pro-liberty platform that tackles five big issues, including: welfare reform, spending cuts, ObamaCare repeal, reforming the FBI, and taking meaningful action on the border.

Jordan is well-liked by colleagues because he’s principled. He consistently makes the hard votes when it comes to cutting spending, shrinking government, and returning Congress to regular order.

It’s no wonder why thousands of FreedomWorks activists nationwide launched a campaign to draft Jordan into the speakership race back in April. They are ready to make the speakership race an issue in the midterms, and finally have a candidate they can believe in.

            President Donald Trump has worked hard to keep his campaign promises. We need congressional leaders who will work just as hard to support him. Jordan has supported Trump in the past, so I believe it is safe to say that he would support him in the future. Imagine the “winning” that would take place in our nation if Trump truly had the support of Congress!

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