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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Kavanaugh Senate Hearing

            The Senate hearing began this morning to discern the qualifications of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to receive a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is the second conservative judge nominated by President Donald J. Trump and the Democrats are not happy at the prospects of the Supreme Court moving to conservative side.

            The Democrats are following their usual pattern of chaos and obstruction. They are throwing all kinds of roadblocks in the way in an effort to delay the final result. They know that Kavanaugh is thoroughly qualified, and they have about twelve years of records from his time as a federal repeals court judge. They are seeking more documents from Kavanaugh’s time working in the George W. Bush administration. They have received some of the documents, but their request for others was denied.

            Liberal protesters are also causing problems in an attempt to stop the hearing, and some of them were removed from the room. The hearing became so “hot” that the judge’s wife quickly left with the couple’s two young daughters.

            The court’s next term begins in October, and the Senate is likely to vote by the end of September. The Republicans have enough votes to approve Kavanaugh if they stand united for him. There are no current signs that any of them will defect, but one never knows what to expect from a few of them, such as Liza Murkowski.

            Republicans in Alaska would do the entire country a great service by replacing Murkowski with a conservative. However, it will be a few more years before the opportunity presents itself. Meanwhile, we can hope and pray that the Republicans are unified and confirm Kavanaugh quickly!


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