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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Funding the Wall

            The caravan of migrants reached the southern U.S. border a week or so ago. On Sunday a large group of them – possibly as many as one thousand people - decided to rush the border to enter the United States illegally. Border Patrol used pepper spray and tear gas to turn them back, but some – maybe 40-50 – managed to get into the U.S. in an area where an old barrier has not been replaced or reinforced. They were promptly arrested. Mexico says that it will deport the others who used violence in their attempt to cross the border. Border Patrol says that the lack of a firm barrier put the agents in more danger.

            Meanwhile in Washington, D.C. members of Congress continue their games about building the wall. Since Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives, they are running out of time to get the wall funded. They need to get their act together NOW. More than two years ago President Donald Trump requested $5 billion to build a wall, but Democrats refused to cooperate. What makes anyone think that they will cooperate when they control the House? I do not believe that we have much hope of that happening!

            Trump is still adamant that $5 billion is needed for border security. Trump is threatening to shut down the government by not signing any spending package if Congress does not come through with the funds. Republican leaders say that they are committed to providing it, but their actions are not following the words. Politicians have fixed almost all the problems in the spending bill except funding a physical wall.

            Maybe it is time for Americans to take control of the funding for the wall. Someone started crowdfunding for Christine Blasey Ford when she made her false claims against Brett Kavanaugh and raised nearly $1 million. I would think that the same thing would work for funding a wall. Another idea is to convince the federal government to sell bonds earmarked for the wall. Americans paid for World War II by purchasing war bonds, and I see no reason why American citizens cannot pay for the wall if Democrats continue to fight it. There has got to be something that common, everyday Americans can do to break the stalemate in Congress!

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