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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, Same Old Problems

            We are in a brand new year, but we are dealing with the same old problems in our nation. Rogue judges continue to legislate from the courts in an effort to stop executive orders. Liberals refuse to work with President Donald Trump because they do not want him to have a win. Even if it means less security for our nation, they refuse to help secure the southern border. It does not seem to matter at all to them that caravans of migrants continue to head toward the border, while immigrants from previous caravans remained stalled at the border. They do not act like they care that drugs coming across the border are killing thousands of Americans, or that criminals crossing the border are killing thousands of other Americans.

            When Nancy Pelosi was asked for her comments about the latest American killed by an illegal alien, her only reply was “no comment.” Legal immigrant Corporal Ronil Singh was working his dream job as a member of the Newman Police Department when he attempted to pull a driver over for a suspected DWI. The suspected murderer was in the United States illegally and had several other DWIs and other charges against him. He apparently shot Singh soon after the officer pulled him over. Yet, Pelosi has nothing to say about the cop-killing illegal alien.

            Trump allowed the government to shut down rather than give up the idea to build a “wall” along the border. It sounds like the Democrat plan to end the shutdown is to nickel-and-dime their way out of it. Pelosi, assumed to be the next Speaker of the House, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer say that they will not approve any money towards building a barrier on the southern border. Since the Republican House approved $5.8 billion before Christmas, the Democrat plan “is to pass six Senate spending bills that already have broad bi-partisan support, along with the continuing resolution to fund the Department of Homeland Security.” They want to put Republican Senators on the spot about reopening the government and funding all the departments or standing firm for a wall. Their plan may work because there are plenty of flakes left in the Senate who are willing to sacrifice national security for personal power.

            Fredy Lowe claims that “We Are Living in a Game of Jenga.” I do not remember ever playing Jenga, but I understand it to be a game that takes both physical and mental skills. The game can be played by all ages and all cultures and starts by stacking all the blocks into a tower. The players take turns removing a block from the tower and then balancing it on the top of the stack. This creates a taller structure while also making the tower more unstable. The game becomes increasingly exciting as it approaches the time when one wrong move causes the tower to collapse.

            Lowe compared the government of the United States to a Jenga game. He likens the “on-going crime spree” in the upper levels of the government to the process of removing a Jenga block and attempting to balance it on the top of the tower.

There has always been a criminal enterprise working clandestinely within our government, simply because power corrupts. But, in all the 242 year history of America, there has never been anything close to the poisoning of our political system of government as our current cabal of evildoers has done.

            Donald Trump was never supposed to be elected as President of the United States. It was supposed to be Hillary Clinton in the White House. She is right in the middle of secret combination of evil doers seeking to maintain power, so she would protects the secrets. This is the reason why Trump has been opposed since before he was inaugurated.

            The so-called collaboration with Russia was a ruse to keep Trump from being effective. The circus in the Senate at the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh shows how far the Deep State will go to stop Trump. Now the elected representatives of the people are flat out telling Trump that he will not get any funding for a wall to protect Americans.

            It remains to be seen who it will be who makes the wrong move and sends the U.S. government tumbling, or who will actually make the government stronger by removing defective “blocks” from power. The majority of Americans in a landslide elected Trump to make a change in the government. He has been operating under extremely difficult circumstances, but he seems to always help the Democrats to look like fools. Can he win the power struggle, or will he be the one that makes the wrong move?

            Only time will answer that question. However, my vote says that Trump will win before the tower is destroyed. I believe that he is the man who can finally expose the secret combinations, destroy their power, and strengthen our constitutional government. I think that the opposition also thinks he can do it, and that is the reason why they are all so against him.

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