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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Life Is Sacred

            Families, communities, and nations are stronger when they recognize that life is sacred. This applies to the entire human life from conception to natural death. The life of every single human is valuable and should be protected. This protection is most critical for the people who are most vulnerable, such as the unborn, handicapped, and elderly.

            Next week marks the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that it was okay for mothers to kill their unborn babies and thus legalized abortion in the United States. There have been approximately 60 million unborn Americans killed since the decision was made forty-six years ago, and the numbers continue to increase. Those 60 million lives would lessen the effect of the decline of population in our nation.

            Even though the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal, millions of Americans still consider the law to be wrong. The fight for the right of the unborn children did not stop when the decision was announced. Thousands of anti-abortion activists descended on Washington, D.C. on January 22, 1974, to defend the right of the unborn to life itself. The march has been a yearly event near the anniversary date of the decision, a date that will be long remembered.

            Thousands of anti-abortion activists gathered at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today for the annual March for Life. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence made a surprise visit at the event, and he introduced President Donald Trump who addressed the advocates by video. The President says that he would veto any bill that “weakens the protection of human life.” He also says, “This is a movement founded on love and grounded in the nobility and dignity of every human life…. I will always defend the first right in our Declaration of Independence: the right to life.”

            Even though abortion remains legal and presents a great divide in our nation, more and more Americans – particularly young people – are joining the right-to-life battle. The fight is being fought in the halls of Congress, in the mainstream media, on social media, and wherever the topic appears. It is being fought more fiercely today because modern technology has proven that unborn babies are indeed human and alive. The young adults are strong believers in science, and science proves that unborn babies are not just blobs of tissue. They can see with their own eyes that the babies have arms, legs, fingers, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

            Nevertheless, liberals and progressives continue to claim that a woman has the right to her own body – refusing to admit that the unborn child also has a right to their body. The actions of the pro-choice party prove that they are not truly pro-choice but pro-abortion.

            Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (R-Arizona) posted sort of a state-of-abortion article at The Daily Signal. She says that we will be seeing more fights over abortion because Nancy Pelosi is now Speaker of the House. Stating that the Democrats are more “interested in sending taxpayer dollars to fund abortion” rather than giving women a choice, she continues.

That’s why congressional efforts to end grant funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are such a big issue to them. And it’s why one of the first things they did upon regaining control of the House was to slip a little-noticed provision into their efforts to reopen the government: a repeal of the Mexico City policy.

The Mexico City policy was begun during the Reagan years. It blocks U.S. aid money from being used to fund abortions overseas. Consistently, polls have shown that a significant majority of Americans – around 60 percent – oppose using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

But the will of the people has never stopped abortion-on-demand supporters, and no amount of language about a woman’s right to choose can conceal the left’s actual agenda: not helping women, but helping groups like Planned Parenthood boost their abortion numbers.

            Lesko uses some fairly strong words against the Democrats, but she focuses on some powerful information. There are many ways of helping women without assisting them in killing their babies. With the sonograms available today, there is no doubt that a baby is a tiny human being that should be protected.

            Star Parker is one of the many voices crying out to save the babies. She recently made a comment that I have not been able to get out of my mind because I believe that she spoke the truth. “There is little doubt in my mind that one day Americans will look back on our history with disbelief that it was once legal in America for women to be judge and jury of life itself and to destroy the miracle of life within them.”

            Americans now look back at slavery and wonder how in the world any freedom-loving American could consider slavery to be a good thing. I can see us looking back at abortion with the same type of horror and maybe worse. After all, abortion kills unborn babies.

            I personally believe that abortion is a serious sin, and all those who support it will one day be accountable before God. However, Parker’s words made me wonder about the status of the remaining people, American or otherwise, who are not actively fighting against abortion. Will we too be held accountable for the life taken from these babies? What can we do to prove to Heavenly Father that we do not support abortion in any way, shape, or form? It seems to me that we cannot be complacent in this battle. We must be able to show by our words and actions where we stand. We are either for life, or we are not!

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