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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Truths about Covington Students

            Nick Sandmann, his classmates, his parents, his school, and his community are under attack by progressives. The media reported that Sandmann and a group of students from Covington Catholic High School behaved badly toward Nathan Phillips, Native American elder and a Vietnam veteran. The alleged assault took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, January 19, 2019. The report exploded over all media lines, and the condemnation was swift! Even the Diocese of Covington and school officials believed the media reports. They apologized and promised to take “appropriate action” against the boys. 

            Yet, the media was wrong, and everyone who believed it looks like judgmental fools. It seems that a three minute forty-four second clip was taken out of context to forward an evil agenda. The video shows a large group of male students with some of them wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. The boys seem to be surrounding Phillips while laughing and having fun with him. Then the entire one-hour, forty-four-second video was brought forward, and it shows a much different picture.

            The longer version shows some black men who self-identify as Black Hebrew Israelites who were angrily protesting near the Lincoln Memorial. They saw the group of students waiting for their buses and started to taunt them. For over an hour the boys endure being called names, such as “crackers,” “incest children,” “future school shooters,” and even worse. The students tried to counter the hate-speech by chanting school songs.

            The video then shows Phillips approaching the students, chanting and banging on his drums seemingly to accompany the chants of the boys. He was accompanied by other people with drums and cameras. The Black Hebrew Israelites announce that “the students are mocking Phillips’ for his drumming.” An interesting point noted in The Blaze is that the Black Hebrew Israelites were mocking Phillips before they noticed the boys wearing the MAGA hats. As if the problem was not bad enough, Phillips then told out-right lies about the boys.

            The bottom line is that someone was out to forward an agenda, and the media jumped to conclusions and spread lies. The boys and their families have received death threats. The jobs of the parents have been threatened. Police are guarding the high school, and school was cancelled for today.

            Even though the truth has come out about the situation, the damage has been done and the threats continue. The young men tried to diffuse a difficult situation – a situation caused by adults who should have known better. The students should be considered as heroes for being willing to take the insults, but they are not. The reputations of the students, their families, and their school have been forever damaged. Apologies would be nice, but they will never correct the damage that is done.

            President Donald Trump has been right all along. There is much fake news being aired, and people’s lives are being damaged by it. It is time for Americans to stop believing everything that the media says and wait for both sides of the story to come out before condemning anyone.

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