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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Disciplined for Teaching about Pledge of Allegiance

            The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday concerns the right to teach the rising generation about the blessings of living in America. The history of America is being rewritten in front of our eyes by those who hate the American way of life, and anyone who attempts to tell the truth is quickly condemned. The most recent victim is a high school teacher in Florida. 

            Daniel Goodman is a science teacher at First Coast High School in Jacksonville, Florida. At least he was until he was removed from the classroom because he chose to state some true facts about the history of our nation. In other words, he wanted to help his students to think about what they were doing or considering. This is what he wrote on the whiteboard in his classroom.

THINK: We had about a half million Americans die in our Civil War, which was largely to get rid of slavery. There are no longer separate water fountains and bathrooms in Jacksonville for “white” and “colored,” as Mr. Goodman remembers from the 1960’s. We had an amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing women the right to vote. We have had a black president. The superintendent of Duval Schools is a black woman. Mr. Fluent, our principal, replaced a black man, Mr. Simmons, who now is a D.C.P.S. administrator.

MY POINT? You are all extremely lucky to be living in the U.S.A. If you refuse to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance or our National Anthem, are you revealing maturity and wisdom? Actually, you are displaying the opposite. (AS SOME PAMPERED ARROGANT CELEBRITIES AND ATHLETES TEND TO DO) – 
Mr. G

            “Mr. G” is being disciplined for telling the truth. There were about half a million Americans who died in the Civil War, and the war was basically over slavery. Separate water fountains, bathrooms, transportation seats, schools, etc. are no longer allowed in the United States – unless blacks want separate university graduation ceremonies. Amendment Nineteen to the U.S. Constitution gives women of all colors the right to vote. Barack Obama is half black and half white, but he identifies as a black man AND he was President of the United States. Goodman’s statement of the above facts is true. They really did happen! However, I cannot testify about the superintendent, principal, or D.C.P.S. administrator because I know nothing about them and must accept Goodman’s word for them.

            Goodman stated that the students “are all extremely lucky” to be living in the U.S.A. This is a truth that many liberals do not believe, or at least will not recognize, because they are trying to destroy the Constitution and our constitutional way of life. There are approximately 300 million foreigners who wish to live in the United States and thousands of them are crossing our southern border illegally to do so. I am sure that many, if not all, of them would say that we are “extremely lucky” to be here. It is a great blessing to live in America and to enjoy the freedoms that are granted to us by our Constitution. I am sorry that there are so many people living in the United States who cannot see the greatness of America.

            Goodman also said that “some pampered arrogant celebrities and athletes” are not “revealing maturity and wisdom” when they “refuse to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance or our National Anthem.” This statement is true. There is nothing mature or wise about disrespecting the symbols of one’s nation when that nation has given all of us so many freedoms and opportunities – even the freedom to show disrespect by burning our flag or kneeling during the National Anthem. How will students learn respect for their country when they are taught/allowed to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag?

            I see nothing wrong with the statement that Mr. Goodman wrote on his whiteboard. However, I do take exception to the words of his superiors. The school district said, “The statements made by the educator are not consistent with state statute or school board policy.” The news article reported the following:

Florida Statute 1003.44 and Board Policy 3.60 say students are excused from reciting or standing for the pledge if their parent or legal guardian files a written request. The district’s code of conduct covers this as well. It says students have the right “not to participate,” which includes “reciting,” “standing and placing the right hand over [their] heart.

            Goodman’s statement did not say that the students must stand and recite the pledge. He merely pointed out to them that they are “extremely lucky” to live in America and are being neither wise nor mature when they refuse to recognize the blessings of living here.

            Principal Justin Fluent’s statement seems to be more reasonable: “I believe classrooms provide the perfect place to have insightful and thought-provoking discussions about patriotic expressions and civil liberty. However, this must be done in a productive and respectful way, and in accordance with law and school board policy.”

            The news article did not say what Goodman’s purpose was for writing the statement on the board. Apparently, he is not available for comments. Was he truly concerned about the apathy he saw in the students toward their own nation and wrote the statement with the hope of helping them to see more clearly? Was he trying to shame them into different behavior? Was he hoping for an intelligent discussion that would teach critical thinking skills? We do not know.

            I agree with the principal’s statement that “classrooms provide the perfect place to have insightful and thought-provoking discussions about patriotic expressions and civil liberty.” However, I wonder how those discussions are going to take place when teachers who attempt to introduce them are removed from the classroom. I wonder if Goodman – or any other teacher in that district or any other – is brave enough to make another attempt at such a discussion.

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