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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Safe Haven for Women

            Does a biological man who identifies as a woman belong in a shelter for battered women? I do not believe so, but one such individual filed a lawsuit when they were not allowed into the women’s shelter. The lawsuit was filed on the grounds of discrimination based on sex and gender identity. The shelter filed a lawsuit in federal court and received a reprieve while the lawsuit continues. A federal court decision says that the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission cannot enforce an anti-discrimination ordinance against the shelter for refusing to admit the transwoman. 

            Hope Center in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, is a Christian ministry. Its operations conform to its religious views, including the belief that sex cannot be changed. This shelter serves 142,000 meals per year and provides a safe place for abused women. Kate Anderson, an attorney at Alliance Defending Freedom, made the following statement: 

Downtown Hope Center serves everyone, but women deserve a safe place to stay overnight…. No woman – particularly not an abuse survivor – should be forced to sleep or disrobe next to a man. The court’s order will allow the center to continue in its duty to protect the vulnerable women it serves while this lawsuit moves forward.

            The transgender movement is encroaching on the rights of women on numerous levels. Transgender women are now allowed to compete against biological women in sporting events even though they have the body, speed, and strength of males. In doing so, they are erasing all the gains for which women have fought for many years. We hear much about the rights of people who identify as the opposite sex from which they were born, but what about the rights for biological women? The last place that biological men should be allowed is in a shelter for battered women!

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