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Sunday, August 25, 2019

What Is Election Integrity and How Can We Obtain It?

            The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday is voter fraud. Despite Democrat denials, voter fraud happens all too often in the United States. Many cases of voter fraud have been documented, and some have been prosecuted. Whenever voter fraud takes place, it dilutes votes of every honest voter and make the whole process unfair. It may even change the results of an election.

            There are numerous types of voter fraud. They include voting in the name of someone else, voting at multiple locations in the same election, and voting even though ineligible to vote. One sure way to eliminate much of the voter fraud is to require personal identification in order to vote. Democrats rely on voter fraud to win elections, so they fight voter identification in all forms. There are numerous locations where there are more registered voters than there are eligible citizens, and most of them are in Democrat-controlled states. 

            Hans von Spakovsky is an expert in many areas of the political process. He says that “America depends on having free and fair elections where all Americans can trust the process and the results.” He shares the following three suggestions for lessening voter fraud and possibly eliminating it entirely.

Since states control much of the electoral process, they must pass laws requiring government-issued IDs to vote. [This will stop people from voting in someone else’s name, but it most likely won’t happen in Democrat-heavy states.] 

States should join voter registration cross-checking programs to identify voters registered in multiple places. One cross-check program has identified hundreds of thousands of potential duplicate registrations across 30 states as well as evidence of illegal double voting. [What do you think the chances are for Democrat-heavy states joining this effort?]

States should compare voter rolls with government records to identify convicted felons and noncitizens who should be removed from the rolls. And the federal government should cooperate with these efforts and make Department of Homeland Security and other databases available to state officials. [Why would Democrats, who push for felons and noncitizens to vote, cooperate with this effort?]

            Von Spakovsky’s suggestions are good ones and would work if every state cooperated in ensuring election integrity. He says that we must protect “our right to vote; that’s how we protect the future of our very republic.” It is essential that our voting process has integrity and that the vote of every citizen is protected.

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