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Friday, February 28, 2020

Can Parents Trust Disney-Pixar to Entertain Their Children?

            Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when families enjoy healthy recreation activities together. One activity that many parents enjoy is to take their children to movies, and Disney-Pixar animated movies have been loved for many years. However, Disney-Pixar studios have lowered their standards.

            According to Nicole Russell, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios made a recent announcement that will displease many parents. Instead of family-safe movies like “Finding Nemo” and “Ratatouille,” the studios will produce “Onward” with a lesbian main character for its next animated movie. This production seems to be “a clear effort to normalize the LGBT agenda” at the expense of our children. Russell continued with her explanation.

In “Onward,” Officer Specter is a Cyclops police officer who, according to Yahoo Entertainment, is “voiced by openly gay screenwriter and actress Lena Waithe.”

Though the character has only one scene, she apparently is important to “the emotional arc of the story.” …

While at first glance conservatives might be tempted to chalk up Officer Specter to pressure felt by Disney-Pixar to write a LGBT main character, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

“Onward” producer Kori Rae told Yahoo Entertainment that the creation of a lesbian character “just kind of happened.” Rae said Officer Specter “opens up the world a little bit, and that’s what we wanted.”

            The new movie is scheduled to be in theaters in March 2020. Conservative parents would be wise to boycott this movie to show Disney-Pixar that they disapprove of entertainment that pushes the LGBT agenda on children. If the movie is not a success, the studios may think twice before allowing such a thing from happening in future. Parents must remain their guard over the entertainment of their children. By maintaining high moral values in their choices of entertainment, parents can strengthen their families, communities, and nations.

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