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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Do You Want Your Tax Dollars Paying the Salaries of Journalists?

            Many Americans are aware that members of the lame stream media have been lap dogs for the Democrats and the Deep State for years. Joe Biden is President of the United States because the media would not vet him and actually hid information from American voters. Now the Democrats are working to reward the media.

            Adam Guillette is the current president of Accuracy in Media and the former vice president of development for Project Veritas. He found something in the $3.5 trillion spending bill that should anger every American – a bailout for the media. 

The massive, bloated $3.5 billion spending bill has so much pork that fiscal hawks could eat it for weeks. One piece that hasn’t received much attention yet is a special journalism “tax credit” equal to 50% of the salary of each journalist – up to $50,000 per journalist annually.

Yes, that’s correct, your tax dollars would be paying 50% of the salary of many journalists, whether you like their reporting or not.

Think of it as a way to turn every news outlet in America into a version of NPR.

            What would happen to the media if the government began paying half the salary of every journalist? Would you have more or less trust in a tax-dollar funded media? Do you like or believe what you hear on NPR? Guillette had definite words to say about such a situation.

Let’s be clear: “Saving” the media would destroy the media. How could we ever trust journalists to accurately cover the elected officials who voted against their funding? How can you “speak truth to power” when you’re also pleading with that power for cash? Which news outlets would get the funding, and which would be snubbed?

Any pretense of objectivity would be destroyed once the media is on the federal payroll.

And if you think the media is already hostile to conservatives, libertarians, Christians, business leaders, southerners, and basically anyone who didn’t love Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s D-N.Y., dress from the Met Gala, just imagine the disdain they’ll show us once they’re funded by tax dollars. Also imagine the press coverage of any politician that dares to oppose renewing – or increasing – their funding.

The idea that Americans should be forced to financially support news outlets they don’t like is immoral, obnoxious, and a threat to both free markets and free speech. It’s also outrageous when one considers that proliferation of new media outlets that have already replaced these dinosaurs.

In 2021, most Americans are getting their news from independent podcasts, blogs, social media sites, and more. They compensate these journalists using new payment services….

            According to Guillette, progressives “tried to redistribute your tax dollars to their allies in the media” at the beginning of the pandemic. They first proposed a “dedicated media bailout” after “news outlets lobbied Congress” for one. However, the dedicated bailout did not “catch steam.” Accuracy in Media opposed both versions of the media bailout. “Accuracy in Media activists sent emails, made phone calls, and even delivered 50,787 anti-bailout petitions to the office of then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.” McConnell responded to the petitions by blocking the proposal. “Bad businesses should be allowed to fail. Doing so creates space in the market for better companies to take their place.”

            Accuracy in Media is again in a fight to defeat media bailouts. “Every American should tell their member of Congress to oppose this idea,” as well as their local news outlets. “No journalist subsidized with tax dollars should ever be taken seriously in this country.”

            Journalists were working for the Democrats when they totally ignored the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden just prior to the 2020 presidential elections. However, “their allies in Washington, D.C., are going to reward them for their loyalty.” If so-called journalists “become beneficiaries from the federal spoils system,” we can say goodbye to the good that comes from a press free of governmental controls. Plus, Americans will never trust the media again!

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