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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Who Knows What Is Best When It Comes to Children’s Education?

             A battle for the hearts and minds of the rising generation is raging in America and elsewhere to some point. Rogue educators are trying to indoctrinate the children and youth in the socialist agenda, such as critical race theory. This teaching might have flown under the radar of the parents except for the COVID-19 lockdowns. When the schools shut down and parents saw what their children were learning, parents activated against the agenda.

            One of those parents was Laura Zorc, but she became involved before the pandemic hit. She has been fighting for reforms in education since 2013 when she saw that Florida was adopting Common Core goals for their education system. “She successfully rallied a group of parents to stand against the federally funded learning standards. Now, she is training parents across the nation to be advocates for their own children in the classroom. 

            For some reason, some educators are claiming school children as their own, but parents are fighting back by maintaining their rights as parents. Zorc founded an organization known as Building Education for Students Together (BEST). This organization “equips parents to run for school board and stand against the far-left policies infiltrating classrooms across America.” Zorc joined Virginia Allen in a podcast and defined the mission for her organization.

Our mission is to educate, mobilize, and activate our parents to be the voice for their children. Also, in doing that, we want to inspire our parents to run for school board and then we want to take their energy and we want to change legislation because we feel that every parent knows their child best, no pun intended there, but they do. Parents know their children best, and we feel that we want to see policy that mirrors that.

            Parents not only know their children best, but they care more about their own children than anyone else does. Parents have the best interest of their children at heart, not an agenda.

            The podcast is interesting and worthwhile. However, The Heritage Foundation created a video of parents standing up for their children in Virginia and swinging the state to vote red. I encourage you to listen to the podcast and watch the video at this site


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