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Monday, January 24, 2022

Will the Real Joe Biden Stand Up?

            My VIP for this week is Joe Biden. He is a VIP because he is President of the United States. However, he is fast proving that he is the worst President in recent history. He long ago passed Barack Obama – who passed Jimmy Carter. I did not think that it would be possible for a President to be worse than Carter, but I have been proven wrong twice.

            Biden campaigned on the idea that he was a “moderate elder statesman” who would unite Americans after the terrible Trump administration. Instead, he has divided the nation even further. His lack of capabilities as a leader has been exposed for everyone to see. According to Neil Patel, co-founder of The Daily Signal, “the Biden administration is a rudderless, leaderless, overly ideological mess.” His press conference last week did not help his image. 

            Biden does not recognize reality when it hits him in the face. He does not understand why Americans lost faith in him due to the terrible Afghanistan withdrawal that he claimed that we could do “responsibly, deliberately, and safely.” How about those thirteen new gold star families?

            Biden claimed that Donald Trump was unfit to be the President because he was responsible for the deaths of 220,000 Americans from COVID-19. If this statement was true for Trump, it is even more true for Biden because 400,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 during his presidency. Biden did admit that there have been delays in getting testing kits out to the public, but he did not mention that the delays were self-inflicted by his own staff.

            Probably the worst thing that Biden has done is to equate those “opposing his voting bills with [Democrat] racists from the past.” Patel explained Biden’s poor judgment.

Worst of all, when challenged on his recent remarks equating those who oppose his voting bills with racists from the past, Biden denied the charge even as he continued to press it forward. Then he actually called into question the legitimacy of the coming midterm elections if his attempts to federalize election rules do not succeed.

This again is a story that is not complicated. Many states drastically liberalized voting rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. They increased early voting, expanded mail-in voting, implemented drive-thru voting, counted late votes, and even allowed ballot harvesting. Some states are now pulling back from some of these COVID-19 expansions.

We need rules for voting. Democrats believe looser rules help them. Republicans believe tighter rules help them. The lines must be drawn somewhere, and it’s legitimate to debate them. However, it’s flat-out wrong for the president of the United States to pretend that racism is at the root of state resistance to wide-open federally imposed voting mechanisms.

The president’s race-card play is not only below the dignity of his office, but it’s another example of the amateur nature of his administration’s tactics. He needs the support of Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to pass his bills. Who decided calling them racists was a good strategy?

            Biden does not seem to even understand that his so-called popularity numbers– getting the most votes of any President in history – are falling to the lowest levels in his presidency. Politico published the following numbers: no energy (58%), not a strong leader (57%), not mentally fit for office (49%), and the nation is on the wrong track (two-thirds of Americans).

            The Democrat Party is not doing any better than Biden with more Americans supporting “the Republican Party over the Democrat Party than at any point since 1995.” One year ago, 49% of people considered themselves to be Democrats and 40% as Republicans. Now it is Republicans 47% and Democrats 42%. “This is the largest Republican lead since 1991.” If support dropped so far in one year, what will it be like by 2024? Biden and the Democrat Party are a total disaster for themselves and for America.


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