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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Why Are Democrats Concentrating on Jan 6 Rather than Working for America?

            Tomorrow is January 6th, and it will mark the one-year anniversary of the assault on the U.S. Capitol Building. Democrats continue to call the riot an “insurrection,” even though no individual has been arrested for being involved in an insurrection. Democrats cannot run on their record over the past year, so they continue to talk about the “insurrection.” They even claim that it was worst than what happened on 9/11 or at Pearl Harbor. Obviously, Democrats are using the event on January 6, 2021, to their political advantage. Hopefully, Americans will see their ploy for what it is.

            No one – absolutely no one – considers the assault on the Capitol Building to be a good thing. The people involved were wrong, and they should be punished. However, none of them did anything worse than was done across the nation in the summer of 2020 – the summer of peace when Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters burned, looted, and murdered in numerous cities. There are no congressional investigations about any of those riots!

            Jeffrey Lord calls the January 6 congressional investigation a “Stalinesque show trial” because the Democrats involved are acting as though it is a criminal trial. He stated that the investigation is “unconstitutional,” but no one is trying to stop them. 

What is particularly telling about the hysteria over January 6 is that infinitely worse riots took place across America in 2020 – a series of genuine and decidedly violent insurrections in the name of Black Lives Matter – and there is nary an investigation in sight.

So as January 6 of 2022 is upon us, let’s do a little compare and contrast as the hysteria about January 6, 2021, is whipped up in the liberal media.

There were five deaths in the Capitol riot. One, Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, was shot to death by a Capitol police officer. The other four deaths included three who died of natural causes and one from a drug overdose. One of the fatalities, whose death was ruled as from natural causes, was a Capitol Hill police officer. Altogether there were 138 police officers injured, 73 of them from the Capitol Hill Police and 65 from Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police.

According to the Major Cities Chiefs Association [MCCA], 574 riots took place across America between May 25 and July 31 of 2020 after the death of George Floyd.

The report states that “more than 2,000 officers sustained injuries in the line of duty.” Say again, not 138 injured police officers but more than 2,000 police officers were injured – and not a blink from the January 6 Committee. [Emphasis added.]

            Lord continued with the following quote from the MCCA report. He bolded some of the print for emphasis.

In cities where violence did occur, assaults on police officers, looting, and arson were the most common criminal activities. Approximately, 72% of major city law enforcement agencies had officers harmed during the protests. This included nearly every agency that experienced at least one violent protest. In total, over the course of the civil unrest form May to July, more than 2,000 officers sustained injuries in the line of duty. One agency reported 50 officers being injured in a single week of protests. Another agency reported that 462 of their officers were injured during the protests in their jurisdiction.

Looting was also a common occurrence (2,385 instances), with 62% of major city law enforcement agencies indicating that at least one incident of looting occurred in their cities. This activity was primarily clustered during the first few days of protests. Of note, several agencies reported that in some instances, the looting appeared to be coordinated and organized. For example, some cities encountered ‘looting caravans’ that moved throughout different neighborhoods. One agency reported 115 commercial burglaries occurred in just one day. Two other agencies reported $927,000 worth of damage as a result of looting in each of their jurisdictions, and another agency reported a single looting event at a shopping mall that resulted in over $70 million in damage.

            According to Lord, a headline from Axios put the cost of the 2020 BLM riots at $1 billion-plus – which is the “most expensive in insurance history.” In case, you are not good with numbers, $1 billion “far exceeds the estimated $1.5 million” damage done to the U.S. Capitol.

            Neither Lord nor I – or anyone else that I know of – is defending what was done in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2020. Those involved have been arrested or charged – or will be according to the Attorney General. However, contrast what happened with the Capitol rioters to the BLM rioters. A headline from the New York Post reads “Charges against hundreds of NYC rioters, looters have been dropped.” No charges for BLM rioters, and no congressional investigations – but throw the book at the Capitol rioters.

            Why are the Attorney General and Congress not concerned about the BLM rioters and looters, but are throwing the full force of the federal government against the Capitol rioters? It does not look like all rioters are treated the same in America. Democrats claim that the Capitol attack was an attack against our “democracy,” but the BLM rioters and looters did much more damage to our nation in damage and injuries as well as in peace and security.

It looks like Democrats are using the Capitol assault as a political weapon against their opponents, particularly against Donald Trump. We know that they are not worried about “democracy” because they are trying to “fundamentally change” America. Any thinking person would wonder why Democrats are so worried about Donald Trump being re-elected. What are they worried about? Was he close to draining the swamp during his last term in office? Will their secrets be revealed and their corruption exposed? Maybe – just maybe – Trump was not so bad after all!

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