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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What Is San Francisco Thinking?

San Francisco stepped ahead of other American cities when it created a financial incentive for residents to “transition” to a different gender. The city created a new program called Guaranteed Income for Transgender People (GIFT). I join others in expecting that the number of people transitioning will increase.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the “GIFT pilot program ‘will provide 55 eligible residents with $1,200 per month for 18 months, as well as health care and financial coaching.”  Jay Richards at The Daily Signal gave the above quote from the LA Times and then declared, “This scheme fuses bad fiscal policy with bad social policy. And the whole will be worse than the sum of its parts.” Then he wrote the following. 

First, note that this program doesn’t provide so-called universal basic income. It doesn’t target the whole population or even those in greatest financial need, but rather those with the greatest status in the intersectional hierarchy. In this case, that means residents, including minors, living at the intersection of economic poverty and transgender identity….

Of course, we already have evidence that this scheme won’t reduce poverty in San Francisco. Over more than a decade, the federal government financed research on “guaranteed income” schemes. It supported randomized, controlled trials across six states conducted from 1968 to 1980.

Guess what the U.S. government found? Recipients’ motivation to work dropped, regardless of their sex, marital status, or status as a parent. In fact, for every dollar in transfer payments, earnings fell by 66 cents….

Just consider: The number of people identifying as transgender, nonbinary, and so forth has exploded in the last several years, especially among your people. This growth has been so alarming that it led Dr. Lisa Littman, a physician and researcher, to suggest a new diagnosis in 2017 that she called “rapid onset gender dysphoria.”

This pandemic among the young has gotten far worse in the past five years….

Anyone who studies the rise of gender ideology in schools, culture, and social media is bound to suspect that we are dealing with a new social contagion, not the rare gender dysphoria of the previous century.

Gender transitioning is now, for many minors, a trend [that] leads to sterilizing cross-sex hormones and disfiguring surgery.

With the above information stuck in your brain, now consider the cases of Camille Kiefel and Chloe Cole. Each woman filed a lawsuit suing the health care professionals who advised them to have double mastectomies and transgender. According to Dan Hart at The Daily Signal, Kiefel filed her lawsuit two weeks ago in Oregon against a social worker and a mental health therapist for misdiagnosing her severe mental illness. Cole filed a similar lawsuit on November 9 in California accusing health care professionals of misdiagnosing her mental health. 

The two women are part of a growing group of people who are disillusioned. They join “a burgeoning movement of doctors openly decrying the practice of gender-transition procedures.” The movement by medical professional and “acknowledgements in the legacy media of growing concern over transgender drugs such as puberty blockers – seems to be having a cumulative, negative effect on the popularity and cultural power of gender ideology.” Maybe, just maybe, the transgender trend is beginning to crack! San Francisco should beware. They may be looking at numerous lawsuits!

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