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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

What Do U.S. Open Borders Have to Do with Human Trafficking?

Tim Ballard, the former U.S. government special agent hero portrayed in “Sound of Freedom,” is still working to end human traffickers. He claimed that current American border policies are funding human traffickers. In an article on the topic, Virginia Allen wrote the following for The Daily Signal. 

“Traffickers use our southern border to bring slaves into our country for the sex industry because the United States is one of the highest consumers in child sex abuse material in the world,” Ballard, a former U.S. government special agent, told members of Congress. The lack of border security and poor policies are “feeding the growth of human trafficking,” according to Ballard, whose story was recently featured in the box office hit “Sound of Freedom.”

Ballard connected the dots between the open U.S. border and the trafficking of children inside those borders in the Wednesday morning hearing before a House Homeland Security Committee.

During his opening statement, Ballard referenced the 85,000 unaccompanied migrant children that the Biden administration has released to sponsors in the United States and since lost contact with.

These 85,000 minors “are prime targets for traffickers, for sex or labor,” Ballard told Congress. “Tragically, as a result of this administration’s current policies, [the Department of Homeland Security] and [the Department of Health and Human Services] have unw8ttingly become a child trafficking delivery service….

One of the issues leading to human trafficking is the “absence of physical barriers on our border,” Ballard said. “I have personally seen how ports of entry were responsible for helping rescue a child, catch a sexual predator, and started a chain of events that rescued multiple children from [the traffickers’] abuse,” he said. “On the other hand, I’ve spoken with survivors who were trafficked by cartels taking advantage of the miles of unprotected U.S. border.”

Allen explained that Ballard is a former CIA special agent and undercover operator for Homeland Security investigations. He worked in those jobs for 12 years before leaving to “found Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from human trafficking.” He is still in the battle against human trafficking, but he now works for the “Spirit Fund, an organization that funds and collaborates with various entitles to fight and end human trafficking.”

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