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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Breakdown of the Family

                There is a relationship between same-sex marriage and abortion.  They both lead to a major breakdown of the family.  The unborn children of America are at risk, and the redefinition of marriage by Supreme Court put even more of them at risk.  If the Court can redefine marriage, it can also redefine parenthood.

                Ryan T. Anderson posted an article about this relationship and the breakdown of the family at The Daily Signal entitled “The Relationship between Planned Parenthood and Redefining Marriage.”  “The best protectors of unborn children are a strong marriage culture and people who take the virtue of chastity seriously.  But the new consent-based view of marriage reduces marriage to a mere contract and it makes a culture of chastity harder to foster…. without a culture of chastity, we will never have a pro-life culture.

                “Indeed, both the pro-choice movement and the movement to redefine marriage reduce human community to contract and consent and limit our obligations to other human beings to those we have freely chosen…. They all [their slogans] reflect the belief that consenting adults should do whatever they want to do, a belief that puts adult desire before the needs of children.  And weakening marriage will lead to a culture with more nonmarital sex, thus more nonmarital pregnancy, and sadly more abortion.

                “Redefining marriage will also increase the use of assisted reproductive technologies.  The movement to redefine marriage insists that there are `no differences’ between the marital union of husband and wife and the union of two people of the same sex, yet a same-sec couple cannot conceive a child naturally.  To achieve full `marriage equality,’ then, it will be necessary to turn to modern technology.

                “The misuse of technology should concern us.  The more children that are conceived for same-sex couples through assisted reproductive technology, the more children that will be conceived explicitly and intentionally outside of a relationship with both their mother and father.  A just society makes sacrifices to ensure that children are known and love by their own mother and father, while doing what it can to help children denied that blessing by misfortune.  But misusing technology turns those priorities upside down, deliberately increasing the number of children who grow up fatherless or motherless and subordinating children’s needs to adult desire.

                “The pro-life concern here, of course, is that the assisted reproduction industry destroys massive numbers of human embryos.  Anyone familiar with these processes knows that they produce many more embryos than will ever be implanted in a womb, and of the embryos implanted, only a few will survive….

                “Children should be conceived within a relationship that will provide them with the love and care of the man and woman who gave them life.  The unborn child has a right to life, yes, but also deserves a mother and father, and where possible the mother and father who brought the child into being.  Because of human frailty, it isn’t always possible for a child to be raised in his natural family, but that should be the ideal to which our policy aspires.  And we should never intentionally deprive a child of such an upbringing.  And yet redefining marriage does precisely that.  That’s another reason why Justice Kennedy got the case so wrong.”

                Mr. Anderson has authored a book entitled Truth Overruled:  The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom.  The eBook is available now, and the paperback will come out the end of August.  This is the first book in response to the ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, and the same-sex community does not like it.  The Court redefined marriage, but the debate about it continues.  Make your voice heard!

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