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Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

                Individuals, families, communities, and nations are strengthened when we do random acts of kindness for others, particularly the elderly and those people who cannot help themselves.  As parents and grandparents we can teach the rising generations to consider helping others rather than criticizing them.

                Liz Klimas of The Blaze  reported on one such random act of kindness.   According to her report, an elderly man in Pendleton, Oregon, sits on his front porch all day long.  His house is located across from the main tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad that runs through his town.  A railroad worker was aware of the elderly man but did not know him personally or even spoke with him.

                The home of the elderly man was badly in need of paint and other maintenance.  A couple of teenagers thought the house looked so awful that they said – out loud – that the home should be burned.  The railroad worker heard their comment, thought about it for several days, and then took action.  He asked for volunteers to help him do a random act of kindness.  On the selected date about 60 people showed up at the home to paint it and do other maintenance chores.  The paint was supplied by a local hardware store.  Now the old man can sit on the porch of his newly painted home and wave to the railroad worker. This story reminded me of the theme from the live-action Cinderella movie:  Have courage and be kind.

               The comment by the teenagers was uncalled for, but it did lead to good.  Without the comment, the random act of kindness would not have taken place.  This kindness strengthened the elderly man and made his life better.  It also strengthened the railroad worker, his fellow volunteers, and the community.  Strong communities can strengthen nations, and random acts of kindness can help bring the necessary changes.

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