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Friday, June 3, 2016

Divorce Happens

                Families, communities, and nations can become stronger in spite of divorce. The eternal plan of happiness does not include divorce, but divorce happens in some families. There are many victims of divorce, including innocent spouses and always the children, but victims can become survivors.

                Megan Ann Steyskal posted an article titled “Advice for Single Parents – from a Parent Who Knows.” Her article contains much good advice on the following subject:  (1) Fill your network with those who love and support you. (2) You’ll be embarrassed, you’ll feel guilt, and you’ll be humbled but NEVER feel shame.  (3) Stop comparing yourself to others. (4)Keep the Spirit in your home. (5) Make sure there is laughter in your home. (6) Don’t rush into a new relationship to ease the loneliness. (6)Counseling is awesome! (7) You are not alone in this.

                I like her concluding counsel best of all:  “You’ll never stop being a Child of God, so hold your head up high! You’ve got this. Divorce is awful, but those who divorce do not have to remain victims of it. You can survive and strengthen your family, community, and nation.

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