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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Deep State Coup

            The topic of discussion for this Constitution Monday concerns the Deep State coup attempt against President Donald Trump. It appears that there are numerous people, inside and outside of the Department of Justice, who are part of this secret combination. However, it seems that the more they attempt to smear Trump, the more they expose themselves.

            Doug Ross lists “10 Key Insights from Today’s Deep State Coup News” in his journal entry. His insights are as follow:

(10) Lisa Page [is] a cooperating witness against the Deep State. (9) Andrew McCabe freaked out about reports of his conflict of interest with respect to the Hillary Clinton email investigation. (8) Andrew McCabe is a sleaze-bag and “actually ripped other DOJ officials for the leaks that he had orchestrated. (7) Why hasn’t McCabe been indicted? He lied to the FBI – the same crime that Michael Flynn and Martha Stewart were charged with. (6) The priorities of the FBI are out of control. (5) J. Edgar Comey told President Trump about the Russian dossier but failed to inform him that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for it. (4) J. Edgar Comey, Part II: Comey claims in his book that law enforcement’s job is “to keep our leaders in check” – a fact not taught in Civics class. (3) Obama vs. Trump on Executive Privilege: Fast and Furious with its hundreds dead vs. Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. (2) Edgar Comey, Part III: Comey compares Trump to a “mob boss” but says nothing about the Clinton syndicate. (1) Is the whole thing with Cohen tied to his lawsuit against Fusion GPS?

            You may or may not agree with Ross’s insights. However, he is not the only one wondering why McCabe has not been indicted. Hans von Spakovsky at The Daily Signal is wondering if the Justice Department will treat McCabe the same way others have been treated.

The new report from the Justice Department inspector general concludes that McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, lied to then-FBI Director James Comey, to other FBI agents, and to officials of the Office of the Inspector General. Some of those lies came when McCabe was under oath.

What did he lie about? Unauthorized disclosures about the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The information was leaked to a reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

The inspector general has completed his work. The question now is, will the Justice Department prosecute McCabe? Or, put another way: Will the FBI and the Justice Department follow the same rules they apply to members of the public who lie to a federal agent?

            This secret combination known as Deep State must be exposed, and their power must be destroyed. They are attempting to impeach Trump or to limit his ability to overcome the destruction of past administrations. If they are not exposed and destroyed, they could overthrow our constitutional way of government.

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