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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Roots and Wings

            I think it is funny how we act in different seasons of life. For example, we run in certain circles in our school years and do not have much to do with people in other circles. We know them and have classes with them, but we do not interact with them. They are a part of our life, but they do not play an active role. Things often become very different once we all grow up.

            I learned this lesson when I attended a reunion celebrating fifty years since my class graduated from high schools. It did not seem to matter whether we were among the popular crowd or a less desirable. We were happy to see each other again and to have an opportunity catch up with each other. We enjoyed the fiftieth reunion so much that we decided to hold reunions every five years.

            I recently attended the fifty-five year reunion of my graduating class. Out of approximately 117 graduates, there were about 35 in attendance at this reunion. We learned that 35 other members of the class had passed away. This means that only half of the living members of the class attended the reunion. It seems that those of us living at great distances attend better than those still living nearby. I am sure that I travel the furthest, but I know that others make big sacrifices to be there also.

            As I walked into the reunion I was stopped by two different classmates who were planning cruises to Alaska this summer. I think they were doing the same cruise but in opposite directions. One was traveling from Vancouver to Seward, while the other was traveling from Seward to Vancouver. They both wanted to know what clothes to bring. I told them to bring good rain gear and something to keep them warm as well as to dress in layers. I did not hear any more from Eve, but Ron stayed in contact.

            I attended school with Ron from early elementary school, maybe even first grade. We were often in the same class through high school, but I do not remember having any interaction with him during our school years. Yet, in our older years we became friends on Facebook and exchanged many thoughts. When I learned that he and his wife were coming to Anchorage for a few days before catching their fiftieth anniversary cruise, I offered to assist in any way possible.

            Tonight my husband and I picked Ron and his wife up at their bed and breakfast in downtown Anchorage. We drove to a restaurant, ate dinner, and visited. After dinner we drove around Anchorage looking at the sights and sharing with them as much information about our current home as we could. We took them back to their bed and breakfast and came home. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with them.

            Ron and I were not close friends in our childhood and youth, but we know many of the same people. The thing that drew us together is the fact that we have roots in the same home town and come from the same kind of people. I am learning more and more about the importance of roots. I now understand that the roots of my hometown gave me the security to spread my wings and to fly far from my roots. I am a much better person today because of the people I associated with during my foundational years.

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