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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Difference between Trump's Children and Biden's Son

            Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, has been in the news a lot lately because of his business dealings. It seems that he has problems in his past, such as drug use and possibly being discharged from the military under less that satisfactory conditions. Suddenly, he becomes a great businessman earning $50,000 plus per month from a business in Ukraine. Some people try to compare Hunter Biden with the Trump children, but they are sadly mistaken because there is no real comparison.

            It is true that the Trump children have done business in foreign countries. However, they ran international businesses before Donald Trump entered politics. The same cannot be said about Hunter Biden. He became an international businessman because his father was Vice President of the United States. Donald Trump Jr. was recently on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox and reminded the audience of his family’s situation.

You want to know [what] the difference between the Bidens and us [is]? … We were international businesspeople before politics, and we gave up doing all new deals going forward.

We didn’t magically become international businesspeople because of our political position…. We put that all aside for years.

            It is no secret that the Trump family is wealthy and that Donald Trump is losing money while serving as President of the United States. If the Trump siblings – Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric – have truly curtailed their business in/with foreign countries, they are surely losing money also. They seem to be the rare politician that loses money while in office. 

            It is said that about half of the 535 members in Congress are millionaires. Some of them were millionaires when they were elected, and others became millionaires while in Congress. How they did so on an annual salary of $174,000 is the question. This is more astounding than the fact that a billionaire (Trump) and members of his family are losing money while in office.

            I believe that it is safe to question why various members of Congress or other politicians seek election. Is it an overwhelming desire to serve the country, or is it a selfish need to make money?

Trump was a successful businessman and did not actually want to be President. However, he saw the mess that Barack Obama and his cronies made of our nation and stepped forward to make some corrections. For his efforts and sacrifices, he is defamed, mocked, and criticized. Even though he has been highly successful in creating a roaring economy and taking the unemployment to the lowest level in fifty years, there many people are trying to impeach him.

Trump promised to drain the swamp of Washington, D.C., and he is making great progress in doing so. The results of several investigations are about to come out. I expect that much corruption will be uncovered for the world to see. As I see it, impeachment may be the best thing that could happen to Trump -- but not to the country. The last time that a President threatened to expose corruption, he was assassinated. I hope and pray that the same does not happen to Trump.

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