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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Will There Be an Impeachment, Or Not?

            Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi authorized an impeachment inquiry last week before she saw any evidence. She says that there is an impeachment going on because she authorized several committees to work together. However, she did not take the proposition to the floor of the House where all the members of the House would have an opportunity to vote on it. It is my understanding that there is no official impeachment inquiry until there is a floor vote to have one.

This situation begs some questions. Why did Pelosi say there is an impeachment inquiry if there is not one happening? Is Pelosi trying to “have her cake and eat it too”? In other words, is she trying to have the effects of an impeachment inquiry without making a commitment?

It seems that some Democrats in Congress are not supporting the impeachment idea. The Democrats who represent deep-blue states are all for impeachment, but those in purple or red states are not so anxious. The ones who are especially worried are those who were elected by a slim margin in conservative areas. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Tester (D-MT) are two senators who won re-election by razor-thin margins. They think that impeachment proceedings are important, but they are warning the House to “stay focused.”

            These senators and others in similar positions know that the Democrats are walking a very thin line when calling for impeachment for a popular President. They recognize that the whistleblower’s complaint is on shaky ground because it is built on secondhand information and fake news. They are not blind to the stupidity of Representative Adam Schiff and his pranks of one kind or another. They know that the President has more evidence that the Democrats do, but they do not know what that evidence is. They know that the likelihood of the Senate convicting Trump and removing him from office are slim to none. They also know that American citizens are not dumb or blind and will judge their behavior by the evidence that comes out. Without any better evidence than the whistleblower’s complaint, there are no grounds for impeachment.

Pelosi is in a difficult position. She knows that numerous Democrats are in difficult positions with the voters in their districts and states. She also has the radicals breathing down her neck and making threats. Whatever she does, she is in trouble!

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