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Monday, October 21, 2019

Moving from the Wrong Side of History

            Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the rare politicians who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. He did this when he took a stand against President Donald Trump for pulling the US military out of the border zone between Kurdish areas of Syria and the Turkish border. The fact that he jumped to condemn the President’s decision before he talked with the POTUS is one thing. The fact that he was willing to try something new after talking with President Trump is another. “I am increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic solutions in Syria that have alluded us for years, if we play our cards right.”

            It is obvious that Senator Graham does not yet understand that President Trump is not a politician. Trump is a businessman who sees a problem and seeks a solution. Trump recognized that what the US has been doing in the Middle East for many years does not work. Why should we be sending our men and women to the area to referee battles that have been fought for years between some countries? 

            Instead of keeping our military forces on the Syria/Turkey border, the Trump administration is working to create a demilitarized zone that will be occupied by international forces with American air support. The President wants to work with Kurds in eastern Syria to prevent a return of ISIS, but he also wants to honor Turkey, our NATO ally. Turkey believes that the Syrian Kurds are terrorists and wants to protect its citizens from them. The demilitarized zone will protect both sides. 

            The fact that Graham realized that he was fighting against a solution to a problem rather than a problem says a lot for the man. I am happy to know that he is back to supporting President Trump as he tries to solve the many problems left by the Obama administration.

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