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Friday, October 4, 2019

How Do You Watch General Conference?

            Wise parents will teach their children the importance of General Conference by making it a part of their lives. Parents can make conference weekend exciting and fun by their own words and actions.

            On Monday I saw a family home evening lesson based on the April 2019 General Conference. The lesson itself was based on some closing remarks made by President Russell M. Nelson. “As you study [the conference talks], seek to learn what the Lord is trying to teach you through His servants.” The activity was a scavenger hunt with questions from some or all the talks. Each family member needed a copy of the Ensign conference issue or access to an electronic device where the talks could be found. The game could be completed by teams or as individuals. Each question asked about something in the talk. The game is too late to prepare for this general conference, but it is a good idea to use for next general conference.

            Some parents prepare BINGO games with pictures of the General Authorities, so the children must listen close enough to catch the names of the speakers or watch long enough to see their faces. One of my daughters has a tray of some kind where her children have papers, crayons, etc. – even room for snacks – and participate in conference. A friend of mine said that her family looks forward to conference because they have sort of a picnic on a blanket in the living room between sessions. They always served chili because the children considered it to be traditional.

            When my children were young and living at home, we dressed in our Sunday best and drove over to the meetinghouse where we could watch the conference sessions brought over the telephone lines. They continued to go with me to watch general conference when we watched it over satellite connections. Now we can watch it in our homes over the Internet or on television networks. However, we are grateful for the opportunity to watch it however it comes.

            Whatever you do, make sure to include your children. I am grateful that I took my children with me because they learned to love the spirit of conference. Now they are all married and have children of their own. They have their own ways of making conference special in their homes. We are all excited to hear the words of the prophets, apostles, and other leaders. I know that we can strengthen our families, communities, and nations by making general conference a part of our lives.

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