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Monday, November 4, 2019

Has Mitt Romney Had His 15 Minutes of Fame?

            I voted for Mitt Romney when he was the Republican candidate because I thought that he was a good man with good leadership skills. Besides, I thought that he would be a better president than Barack Obama. I still think that he would have been better than Obama, but I have lost much respect for him. I am not the only one!

            Romney has been in the news often because he criticizes President Donald Trump whenever he has a chance. He seems to be as liberal as many of the Democrats and could be the most liberal of Republicans. He picked up where former-Senator Jeff Flake left off and then upped the criticism. He is Republican in name only (RINO), and his politics are decreasing his popularity quickly.

According to Thomas Lifson, a recent NBC New/Wall Street Journal poll reports that his national net approval (“very positive” plus “somewhat positive”) has dropped to 18% with only 2% strongly approving. Since his approval in Utah is not much better, maybe Utah will send a better Senator to Washington next time. Lifson has some interesting charts about Romney and had this to say about him.

I can’t pretend to understand Mitt Romney’s psyche, but I wonder if he is the sort of man given to self-criticism and reflection. And I wonder if he thinks the approval he may hear form the Beltway people he encounters in daily life may translate into national support. If so, these polls should help disabuse him of such notions. The social and media arbiters of Washington, D.C. opinion love to slather praise on Republicans who criticize their own, but when push comes to shove, the stiletto ends up between their shoulder blades. Mitt is losing his constituency, and the Democrats will never forgive him for being a Republican who ran against St. Barack.

            Only time will tell if Lifson is correct about Romney losing support in Utah, but it seems to me that he is serving on borrowed time. He is not making any friends on the Republican side of the aisle, and the people on the Democrat side are using him in their unconstitutional take-down of Trump.

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