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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Did Chick-fil-A Cave to the Left?

            Chick-fil-A stood firm in its defense of biblical marriage, and the public supported them. Their business grew and expanded into new markets. However, some of those markets were unfriendly to Chick-fil-A. The company was at the forefront of the culture war.

Chick-fil-A recently made a business decision that may cause it to lose customers. Those who flocked to support the company in its biblical marriage stand may be wavering in their backing. It seems that Chick-fil-A was making donations to the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, two organizations that share the same biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality. In a quest to leave the cultural war behind them, the company made a big decision.

            Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A decided to stop donating to Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes and focus its charitable giving on education, hunger, and homelessness. The three causes are important to all people, but they lack one thing – evidence of Christ.

            Christians are to stand as witnesses of Christ wherever they may be and no matter the time or reason. Chick-fil-A stopped standing for Christ when they decided to do whatever was necessary to expand into new markets. The company has faced much opposition recently in that they were denied franchise deals in San Antonio (Texas), Buffalo (New York), and England. The losses came because the company is known for being a conservative Christian company. Now they are known as a business who may not be willing to stand firm for their beliefs.

            Chick-fil-A could have stood firm on Christian grounds and expanded their business in friendly territory. Because they seem to have caved, they may not have enough business to expand in any direction.           

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