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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Who Won the Debate?

            The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden was held tonight. Many people wondered if Biden would come out of his basement to debate Trump and in what condition he would be. I did not watch the debate because I had a more important task to perform.

Rain has fallen almost every day for the past two weeks, but the sun was shining today. Since more rain is forecast for the coming days, I had to mow the lawn today. However, I had to wait long enough in the day for things to dry somewhat from all the rain before mowing.

Then the job took longer because several inches of fallen leaves were on top of the grass. There were so many leaves that the mower did a better job at chewing up leaves than cutting the grass. I gave up on the mower and got a rake to gather the leaves before cutting the grass. This meant that I ran out of energy and daylight before completing the task.

From all that I have heard about the debate, I did not miss anything. Chris Wallace still leaned left in his questioning, causing the President to comment about debating both Biden and Wallace. I read that there was a vast difference between the times that Wallace interrupted Biden and the times he interrupted Trump. I understand that Wallace lost control early in the debate as the two contenders talked over each other. I have heard several descriptive words about the debate, including circus, insane, and chaos.

           Apparently, Biden made a good showing because he managed to stay awake and speak in coherent language. Trump was acting like Trump, which always drives people crazy. From what I have gathered, Trump did not win over any Never Trumpers, but he kept his base. I considered the debate a waste of my time because I can compare the records of Trump and Biden. Trump has accomplished more in 40-something months in government service than Biden has in his 47 years of government service. Therefore, I am willing to give Trump more time to keep more of his campaign promises. I did not watch the debate, but Trump won for me. 

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