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Monday, September 7, 2020

Who Is Richard Grenell?

             I chose Richard Allen Grenell for my VIP this week because he has impressed me for several months. He is a U.S. diplomat, political advisor, and media consultant. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany from 2018 to 2020 and as Acting Director of National Intelligence for a few weeks/months in 2020 in the Trump administration. Just as Grenell was leaving the temporary appointment, he unclassified a bunch of material about the attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

            Grenell currently serves as the Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations. The normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo is a big deal. It is also a big deal that Serbia is opening an embassy in Jerusalem. Grenell was a big part of the process, and it is in his capacity as Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo that Grenell did something that impressed me. After President Donald Trump announced the new deal, Grenell stopped by the White House Briefing Room to answer reporters’ questions about the historic agreement. However, they were not interested in the deal and began asking questions about unrelated issues. Grenell tore into them and became a hero.

I don’t know if you can find it on a map, but this is atrocious. I have to tell you guys, you might be too young to understand what this issue is about. Maybe the older journalists should step up and say this is a big deal. This is a big issue.

            Grenell finished by telling the reporters that no one listens to them outside of Washington, D.C. They were not happy being corrected, but they certainly needed the lesson.

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